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  1. Ford Escort Mk 2

    Thanks clive
  2. Ford Escort Mk 2

    yeah her insurance are paying,but i did not want to use there approved garage for the work to b carried out i want to know who is doing the work and it is going to b a great job done,a freind of a freind is willing to do the work but has asked me to source the parts ie rear bumper,rear panel and a set of rear lenses which im struggling to find,surley they cany right it off?
  3. Hi guys sitting at the lights yesterday when all of a sudden this girl not paying attention drives in to my rear end can any1 plz rell me the best and quickest way and where to get parts for my beloved mk 2 escort.cheers all
  4. All Scottish Members - Let Yourself Be Known

    mk 2 luva-paisley(renfrewshire)
  5. All Scottish Members - Let Yourself Be Known

    mk2 luva looking forward to the first meet of the year,and of course the ford show in wellingburgh in may btr start cleaning lol.
  6. All Scottish Members - Let Yourself Be Known

    mk 2 luva from renfrewshire looking forward to a meet after winter, and the ford show in wellingburgh in may.
  7. Mk 2

    hey stef im looking for a car trailer if u know anyone who is looking to sell cheers mate,going to try n get to the ford show in may in wellingburgh but need a trailer.
  8. looking forward to may for the ford show in wellingburgh,roll on

  9. Mk 2

    hi all jus joined i own a 1980 mk 2 escort diamond white will get some pics up soon