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  1. Mhmm mine seems to be the opposite to yours could be part of the problem I'll have another look in the morning
  2. It would help peter if you could see what position yours is in at idle or off when I hook up my Delphi it's says turbo 100% then when you get it started goes to say 160% surely that's not correct should be 0% then upwards as it works ?
  3. One thing I have noticed last night is that the turbo actuator looks to be in a different position to those I have seen on the likes of eBay by which I mean the part where the rod from the turbo connects is in the down position and those I look at onebay including new ones are in the up position sojust wondering if this is where the problem lies as when I first started it with the new engines original loom on it would come up turbo actuator fault so changed loom and actuator for mine sorted the fault code but like I mention it looks in the wrong position.
  4. No knock sensor in that position peter on either engine the only loose connection I can see is from behind the oil cooler I'm assuming that this engine being out of a later model is either oil temp or oil level it really has got me baffled this one like you say rounds as if the ecu isn't getting something.
  5. Peter I've changed all for injectors for my original ones in same position looked at the egr that is free .the turbo actuator was changed for my original on as loom multi plug was different now how would I know what I'd the correct position when I had it started before had someone slightly Rev it whilst I felt the rod on the actuator didn't budge .where is the knock sensor situated ?.at one point it was hunting as if air was getting in somewhere I'm at a total loss at the mo and considering just selling it on as spares or repair it really is doing my head in .you would of thought replacement engine 45000 all auxiliarys put it in plug it up and away you go Na not this one I now it's not the head as it pressurises I've changed almost all the sensors for my original ones to rule those out .it throws up no fault codes when it does start but then that's hit and miss you can idle it for half an. Hour onmin then struggle to. Get it to idle the next totally stumped .
  6. Damian this is a 1.8 Kdda engine out of a 2012 model still having the problem ofit not firing correctly thinking now the injectors will need coding to ecu as that's the only thing that's different on the two engines apart from engine loom and turbo actuator that I've already changed anyone in Cheshire got ids or elm that could help would pay of course .
  7. When I get it started Pete will post up fuel pressure kpa it ticks over but will not Rev at all just billows white smoke now mine is a 2008 build engine is out of a 2012 model new shape changed the engine wiring loom over from mine and also the turbo actuator as plug was different on that pumps have same part number just wondering now if injectors will need coding or change for my original ones
  8. Hi would anyone on here know if a 1.8 tdci diesel pump on a 2009 would need coding to the ecu .just put a replacement engine in with all ancillarys attached it will start but won't Rev and is billowing white smoke engine has only done 45k no fault codes appear.all help appreciated
  9. The cars an 09 registered but 08 production I'm using Delphi on a lap top pretty good does almost everything on most cars but seems a bit limited on this one .
  10. Peter not got round to checking your suggestion out yet but on the way home from work tonight it was stuttering again one thing I have noticed is that my glow plug dash light and esp light will stay on for around 15 secs after car is started also dash lights are slow to respond could this have anything to do with the relay you suggest or just coincidence car show no other codes than them 3 though .
  11. If the leak is from the union it's quite likely the nylon washer has gone instead of paying frauds 14+ pounds for one go to b an q and buy some nylon tap washers slightly thicker and you will have to file out the middle a tad to get it to go over the union but work a treat did my mates this way over 2 years ago and still no leaks cost £1.14
  12. Thanks Pete I'll have a look at that
  13. Hi can someone advise out in car this morning and had a few stutters then engine malfunction light comes on so pulled over and restarted and drove on the whole ok just the odd stutter every now and again .got home this afternoon and read codes p0380'was perm now gone to intermittent p1203 cleared p0490 cleared only one I can't clear is p0380 I've had a look at loom seems ok only thing I could see it seemed to be loose on the end usually where they burn out can't tighten it any but it seems to swivel is this normal or is there something in there that's loose .picture is not of mine but where the 8mm nut is on the end is where it is swivelling .anyone shed any light .
  14. Hi wondering if anyone can help just done some work on my mates cmax 1.8 duratec and after all that it's still got low compression on number 1 cal so looking at replacing engine now this is the question his is a qqda and I see that many variants wondering what wil and won't go say I got hold of a short engine off a qqdb I'm assuming I could use his cyl head .looking at a mondeo engine at the moment would this go presumably I would have to change all the auxiliary parts basically is the head and block all the same across the duratec range thanks in advance .
  15. That's how mine went at first couldn't determine if it was the alternator or turbo on and off for months then like you battery died would not start (cold day) so plumped for a new battery put it on and within a minute the alternator was almost on fire smoke bellowing everywhere turned out it was that all along luckily enough got away with any further damage been ok since change even the little electrical gremlins have disappeared my radio/ satnav was doing weirded things again ok now hope this helps
  16. Just got a 1.8 mondeo going that had run out of fuel easiest way I find is to top up filter then prime the line to the pump with a small syringe might take a few attempts but you won't be there hours
  17. Hi got a mate whose having probs with his 2.0 tdci not starting/cranking after exhausting all avenues he's decided Togo for a second hand ecu clock lock set question is the four figure code on it I think it's called the catch code is this relevant if buying a full kit I've told him to watch for dpf and non dpf as I think they would differ is there any guide to as what's what help appreciated
  18. Ian am I correct if you look on page 61 of schematic as it comes out of the pcm then to C90 it will be pins 1 and 15
  19. Thanks Ian if you can find the pins much appreciated delved myself last night till my eyes where sore lol .
  20. Hi wondering if anyone knows the pin outs on C90 in the engine bay fuse box on a 2.0 tdci 2005 my mate has got a coms problem on his resulting in no crank we have pinned the problem down to the fuse box under the bonnet really need to know which are the pcm can us wires that run through C90 with colour code I've had a look on the schematics but can only get so far we know they run through C113 and C112 up to the cluster can get the car started if we move the fuse box but need to secure or clean the connectin in there any help appreciated .
  21. Just a heads up to all don't take for granted if your battery light on the dash comes on that it is the battery I did and it nearly cost me my car had put a smart charge connection on the battery a few weeks ago and it indicated it need edge charging so checked voltage and was only reading 11.5v so assumed I would soon need a new battery .battery light lit up a week or so back so ordered a new battery which duly arrived put it on that evening and was sat in the car removing the fault code with the engine running when I noticed smoke pouring from under the bonnet it was the alternator absolutely fried . I think if I had taken the car for a run it would of burst into flame .weeks prior to this I have had a strange noise every now and again hard to describe but it would come and go had it down to my mates garage and he was convinced it was the turbo vanes had a bit of cack on them so gave mea tin of fortie turbo clean over a day or two after putting in noise goes so me thinking its cured the prob carries on . Now weekend of all the trouble starting battery light had come on and whilst driving home had trouble with the power steering esp and abs lights where coming on left it till Monday morning and no start battery hadn't arrived by then so had to wait a day or two . So in hind sight should of checked the alternator output as well and not assumed it was just the battery so if anyone else has similar symptoms check both .
  22. Thanks Ian take it you do the whole job from underneath as I looked before and couldn't see access to bolts to remove alternator Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  23. Well my battery turned up this afternoon gets my car started woopee oh no it starts to smoke like a hilly goat and fries my alternator so looks as if it was an alternator prob all along . So my question is has any changed one and how easy is it looks quite tight to get the bolts out is a job I should tackle or through into my mates garage all help appreciated
  24. Thanks for the replies plumped for a yuasa with a five year gaurentee for £68 but what a pita to get the old battery out which gave up the ghost this morning at half five As I'm going to go to work so just waiting for it to be. Delivered .
  25. Looks like my battery is about to give up the ghost anyone got any recommendations for a replacement looks like the original fitted so can't really complain just want to get value for money .
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