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  1. Hi all went to look at car and test drive it and guess what was wrong with it !! injectors and oil leaking out plastic cover underneath so god knows how it`s got through MOT with a fresh oil leak it stands out like a sore thumb it`s a shame it looks a cracking car with leathers and ST look :( john
  2. Theres no accelerater cable on mondeos its a electronic non sure on what you call it though john
  3. mine idles just over 800rpm when cold and exactly 800 rpm when warm but i have notice since the problem with my slightly leaking injector that the engine is hunting slightly though and when under driving load it starts to rattle on the injector then soon as i give it a boost off the turbo it goes in to limp mode. has for ajusting your idle im not sure i think you have to go to garage and put the car on the laptop to ajust it but if its idling low could you have a faulty airflow metre as i think that can cause idling problems. you can try giving the airflow metre a clean with cotton buds and thinners but be very carefull not to break the elements inside it no harm giving it a try 10min job !! john
  4. How Cars Used To Be

    isnt that like the old field marshall :P :P
  5. yeah will do that maybe i just cant believe how folks can do this to people he convinced me the last owner was a diesel specialist till i wrote to him LOL he was a taxi driver self employed and he part choped for a newer mondeo and the estate was giving him grief with the injectors and fuel pump he spent £1500 on it and still failed he was happy to talk about it i told him there was no sign of it being a ex taxi thats because he didnt have all the metres fitted in it just a plate on the back wich was stuck on is reg plate its a shame still cost me in the long run im £250 out of pocket so going to try and claim off the robbing gits http://www.midlandcarcentremarehay.co.uk/used-cars/ford-mondeo-2-0tdci-130-ghia-5dr-ripley-201134411636841this is were i got it from so all of you keep away john
  6. How Cars Used To Be

    The old horns Ah-ooo-gah! john
  7. Hi pete yeah they are a bit pricey but i use to be in the tyre and exhaust trade so luckly i still got good cantacts B) it looks a lovely car but the mondeo estate i got now is going back to were i bought it from as after talking to the trading stanards i have got the right to take it back to the dealer were and hes happy to refund as they lied to me about the car as i did a bit of homework from the last owner who told me what was wrong with it. im going to test drive it tomorrow but this time im going to make sure the engine is up to running temp before i buy even if i have to stick o fiver of fuel in it not falling for that one again ;) are zetec engines ok as ive spoke to some folks but wasnt sure about them john
  8. yeah i thought it was to good to be true going to take it test drive at weekend fingers cross weather permitting
  9. Hi folks im intrested in buying another mondeo its got 97,000 on the clock 18" alloys, with 4 good tires on got all the extras just had a full MOT put on it the bloke whos selling it want £2000 what do you think got a few pics of it. regards john
  10. Good evening folks :) Just out curiosity which engine do you prefer in your motors 2.0 zetec or duratech ?? :) be nice here your thoughts and opinions B) regards john
  11. I have the same problem when i zero the mpg button if going on a long run it goes from 99mpg and counts down fast and settles around between 23mpg to 33mpg im pretty sure its not working correctly ive also notice it tells me ive 108miles left in tank but the fuel gauage sits on red then all of a sudden the clock drops to 50miles or less in the tank and the fuel light come on. then goes off and back up to 100miles left but ive notice when anyone gets out of the car you get a static shock could it be theres a bad earth on the car causing this or is it just me it feels a bit like when your clothes come out the tumble dryer and is full of static its probly just me but does anyone have this sort of problem john
  12. Glow Worm Light

    Ok you win :P
  13. Glow Worm Light

    The fuel pump will not drag the fuel from the tank and also theres no primming pump to draw fuel back in to the lines not sure if many folks have heard of parking there cars down hill when replacing filter but to be honest i think it stops the fuel running back to the tank i did this and was told about it and it worked for me ;) john
  14. Glow Worm Light

    yeah i had the the same problem and you may get it more when you put your foot down more when the turbo boost kicks in more mostly from 3rd gear upwards the problem will never go away. so you do need a Diagnostics test done would pay to go and get one done try and find someone thats not to pricey as you will only get a codes printed out to tell you what the ECU is saying then you would be best to tell us the codes on here just one thing have a look or study topics about the EGR valve just in case thats the cause maybe give the fuel filter a change but fill it with diesel first out of a clean fuel can. you have to use a small pipe and a funnel to fill new filter pop the pipes back on but make a note were they go then if your lucky turn the engine over to see if it fires but dont keep turn it over if it dont start my tip is to park the car on a hill when doing the the change and it should start 1st time if not bump it in 2nd gear. john
  15. Glow Worm Light

    Hi fred are you able to go and get a Diagnostics test done to see what codes the car throws up. ive a pretty bad time with my car but hopefully fingers cross it as been fixed at garage its in there now. john