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  1. BARNEY86

    No Engine Cover

    Thanks for the replys chaps, much appreciated
  2. BARNEY86

    No Engine Cover

    Hi, do you think that an engine cover if of any benifit? ie reduces engine noise? or just purely cosmetic
  3. BARNEY86

    No Engine Cover

    Hello all! Recently bought a 08 focus 1.6tdci style, i have noticed there is no engine cover and that alot of other people have said the same, is it a case of Ford never supplied them, or they have been removed because of some rattle or fault? Or just mine has been missplaced?
  4. BARNEY86

    Proud New Owner!

    Thanks for the welcome,I'll get some photos up soon. I bought it without the dpf, its an early 08 mk2.5 so came without it.
  5. BARNEY86

    Proud New Owner!

    Hello everyone, Im new here. I am the proud new owner of a 2008 Ford Focus 1.6tdci Style 5dr non-dpf! I would appreciate anyone's thoughts or veiws on this car and any know problems. One question i do have is, why do i not have a fuel filer cap? Is this one of the easy fuel gadgets?