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  1. Newbie Driver With Several Questions

    speaking from experiance from driving my mum's fiesta i would say the bite point is failry low (compared to my focus) and the cluch pedal feels light (again compared to my focus). Things might off changed though as my mums is a 1.4 2012 (dont know if ford change things like that mid production), can't imagine, but you never know. :) as for being nervous when test driving dont worry, just drive like you usually do, doubtful the person sitting with you (dealer/seller) will be paying that much attention, or if you go to some small garages, as well as some big dealers they just hand you the keys and say it got about 50 miles of petrol, dont run out, although i think this is very much dependant on area and dealer. :D
  2. Tyres For Focus

    Cheers for the reply Ben, will have a look at camskill as never actually heard of that one! :)
  3. Tyres For Focus

    Yes i know, another "which tyre ..." thread, but still after a bit of advise more so than tyre choice. Basically, my focus is going to need a pair of new fronts within the next couple of months, and upon looking around some of the online stores there appears to be only around 4 different tyres for my current size (215/55 R16 93H), but, on one of the sites (black circles, i think) it didn't ask for the load index, just the speed rating, so would i be ok the stick some 97H's on the front and leave the 93H's on the back (as currently) of should all four be the same hope that makes some sense! :) Thanks!
  4. New Focus Slow Clutch Pedal

    Cant find the paper thing the dealer gave me, but managed to dig out an old internet page i found when looking into what it could be: http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=95392 Hope this can help you somewhat.
  5. New Focus Slow Clutch Pedal

    Number was 39/2012 but does/did state that it only affected 1.6tdci cars made between certain dates, might help you get somewhere with the dealers. Will have a look through some paper work tomorrow to see if i can find some more info on it all for you
  6. New Focus Slow Clutch Pedal

    On my 1.6 diesel the same thing happened, took it to the local dealer who said its a common fault (ford had issued a technical service thing) with the clutch return valve. took about three weeks for the part to come in (apparently due to a shortage) but was fixed under warrenty and never had an issue since. not sure if the petrol engines use a differnet clutch method or not.
  7. Mondeo Boot Problems

    thanks for the replies, will have a go at getting the back panel off and disconnecting the switch, then depending on how dad wants it see about getting hold of a new switch,
  8. Mondeo Boot Problems

    Hi All, First off, thanks for any and all help on this. Problem is with my dads mondeo estate (58 reg) in that the boot wont stay shut, this has only started to happen since the snow, so my first thought was that some moisture has gotten somewhere, but would like someone elses opinion on the issue, so a quick run down of the issue, unlock the car, boot stays shut for about a minute then unlocks/opens, shut it again and a minute later its open again, you can here the switch/relay thing trying to open the lock even with it open. So i'm now thinking it could perhaps be the switch, which if it is, is it an easy replacement or something for the garage to look at? Thanks again
  9. Focus Tsb (Clutch Pedal Sticking)

    First off apologies if this has already been covered, but recently my car (focus mk3) developed a fault with the clutch pedal, whereby it would stay down after biting, requiring the use of my foot to flip it back up, went to the garage and apparently ford have issues a TSB for it (39/2012 (I think)), now they said the part would talk about a week to get here, fine, anyway day before its due to be repaired I get a phone call from the dealer saying it hasn’t come in and reschedule the repair for next week, fine, although not to happy driving a car with a doggy clutch and a bite point that moves, but still. Roll on another week (today) I’ve just received a phone call from the dealer saying they’ve gone to fix it, but the part still hasn’t arrived, great, so my problem is should it take this long to order a part and what exactly is in the TSB. I know its not a real question but also feel the need to vent some anger at not having a normal car for the last three weeks. Rant over!
  10. Mk3 Footwell Lights

    Mike, no mine didn't have them, but to be fair the overhead light is bright enough to see something down there should it be dropped
  11. Bonnet Alarm Sensor

    when ours did that (got it repaired under warrently) the garage just cut the two wires going to the sensor and clamped them together, had a message on the dash saying bonnet open until it was fixed, but alarm didn't go off
  12. hi all, just a quick and perhaps pointless question, but my grandad's just took delivery of a new fiesta, which he's loving, but when i took delivery of my new focus i was offered a 1000 courtesy check, when he got his there was no mention of it, so the question is, is this a ford thing or a specific dealer thing since both were got from different dealers.
  13. Ford Ecat

    just installed this, works a treat, good find and thanks!!!
  14. Fitting Mud Flaps

    thanks for all the replys, will get them ordered either today or tomoz, save giving ford and extra £40ish for the pleasure!!
  15. Fitting Mud Flaps

    Hi All, so i have a new mk3 focus and the dirt it picks up along the sides is unreal, so was planning on fitting some mud flaps the the front and back, but been quoted £90 from a local dealer, but have seen these http://www.ebay.co.u...=item27c3d4293e and a few short vids on youtube about fitting them, but is it as easy as taking 2 screws out, fitting them replacing said screws?? any and all information/help appreciated!! thanks