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  1. Adding Extra 12V Power Socket

    That's a coin holder, just thought I'd reply to this randomly
  2. Guide: Mk6/6.5 Manual To Electric Window Conversion

    Are you putting just electric windows in or electric mirrors as well?
  3. Central Locking

    Part 1 - Ford keyless remote programming 1. Get key, get in car and shut doors. 2. Place key in ignition, turn to II (not Start) and back 4 times in a row in under 6 seconds, stopping at "Off" 3. Car will make audible tone, press Unlock on your remote(s). Wait 1 second between each one. You have 10 seconds to add all remotes, maximum of 4 remotes at once. Part 2 - Ford transponder chip programming Needed: 2 pre-programmed OEM chip keys. 1 new transponder key. 1. Insert one of the pre-programmed transponder keys and turn ignition to II until red light on instrument cluster lights up, remove key from ignition. 2. Within 5 seconds of removing, insert the second pre-programmed key and turn ignition to II until red light on instrument cluster lights up, remove key from ignition. 3. Within 10 seconds insert the new key into the ignition and turn to II. If you are successful the red light on the instrument cluster will light up then go off after a second. ***If you are unsuccessful the red light will blink repeatedly to indicate the key is invalid. Wait a minute and try again*** If you don't have 2 pre-programmed keys already, you will need to get key programmed by a locksmith.
  4. Central Locking

    I'm guessing either the key is faulty or the GEM module which controls the remote/central locking? You could start off buying a new key off ebay and pair it with your car yourself as you've got a pre-facelift. Swapping the module would be easy but you'd need to be careful which one you buy = pre-facelift w/ remote.
  5. Guide: Mk6/6.5 Manual To Electric Window Conversion

    Hi yunii, I'm afraid I can't help with how to splice the connectors for the wing mirrors. You see I got ahold of some pre-facelift ST150 wing mirrors because they are the facelift design but have prefacelift connectors. (Not heated though I don't think..) There are 3 different types of door loom:- The most basic loom only connects the central locking and speaker. The second type of loom connects locking, speaker and window motor. Then the third type connects locking, speaker, window motor and electric mirrors. You have to make sure it is a prefacelift loom to connect to the door socket. I followed this guide, upgrading from the most basic loom to the third type, plugging in the motor, electric mirrors etc and after plugging the switch and door socket in everything worked. Didn't even need to put fuses in the box although that is something I've been meaning to check. Any other questions just ask and I'll do my best to answer!
  6. Ford Fiesta Mk6 Project

    Oh man I was not expecting this ending!!! The pics of it on the road looking all shiny were great to see! Gutted for you but it was an amazing project to read about and you should be proud of yourself and your friends who helped. Like you say, at least nobody was hurt in the crash. Thank you for sharing the story Exferes!
  7. Fiesta Mk6 Lexus Rear Lights - Harness

    Yep true, well that is a pain in the !Removed! basically lol. Thanks for the help though Dan. P.S. Going to be doing the prefacelift>facelight conversion soon :D
  8. Fiesta Mk6 Lexus Rear Lights - Harness

    I see what you mean but I don't think I have phrased my question well enough basically haha, bear with me! The Lexus lights are facelift ones I believe because both the bottom light bits are white like this The problem is he says that with his existing wiring they can't be fitted. So I assume there is a Lexus loom of some sort which he needs but I don't know where to get one...
  9. Fiesta Mk6 Lexus Rear Lights - Harness

    Thanks for the replies Dan. It's actually for a friend's Fiesta, an '06 facelift. Sorry I'll really need this explained again to me just so I fully understand. At the moment all we have is the original facelift lights with wires, plus the Lexus lights alone with no accompanying wires/plugs.
  10. Hello, Does anyone know where you could get a wiring/bulb harness for the MK6 (facelift) rear Lexus lights? Cheers
  11. Fiesta Passenger Seat Lever

    When I fixed my MK6 handle I just pulled the old one off and then pushed the new one on and it clicked into place with that silver bit you see there which is the top of the cable.
  12. Installing Front Fog Lights And Switch [Mk6]

    Added to first post.
  13. Guide: Mk6/6.5 Manual To Electric Window Conversion

    Excellent mate, thank you. One month to go then I can get this started!
  14. Cheapest: scrapyard or search for used bumpers in your car colour on eBay. Next cheapest: buy primed from eBay and get a bodyshop to spray it for you. Then dearest is either buying it new and painted from eBay or from Ford. You need the three plastic inserts for the bottom and also the 6.5 smaller grille.
  15. What Type Of Fiesta Is This?

    That's great lads, thanks for the help. Might be joining the MK7 club soon!