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  1. Help Required

    ALP1101 thanks, I did try all the menu's before I contacted the dealer and there were none that would do it Fordpartsman,and Mark T, thanks for that,and yes it did work,should have thought of that one as thats what i had to do on my Mondeo,I did try that on the 6.5 Fiesta and it didnt work,had to use the menu's..........so I thought i would have to use the menu's on the MK7..........wrong........... so thanks guys, I think Ford Technical Dept need to get its act to-gether as I will be contacting the dealer to-morrow to tell them "how to do it",which will be interesting especially from a female......lol Best wishes Kristal
  2. Help Required

    Can anybody help? 60 plate Titanium 5 door (with new Sony Radio). On my 2008 6.5 Fiesta I was able to programme the unlocking of the car doors to just unlock the driver's door with one push of the remote, and all of the doors with a second push of the remote, but on the new one the Handbook says I can programme the central locking to do the same as the old one. I went through the book and it does not tell you how. I then telephoned the Dealer who said it has to be done on their Computer. I took it to the Dealership who in fact could not do it; they telephoned the Ford Technical Department who said it cannot be done on this model. Has anybody found a way round this, or can give me any advice, as I think it is a retrograde step, not to be able to just unlock one door. Thanks, Kristal
  3. Trip Computer

    Not sure about the early ones,but my 2008 mk6 facelift does,average MPG,average speed, range at full tank, miles till empty,and trip meter,plus loads of other things that are accessable through the computor, hope that helps Kristal.
  4. Clutch Pedal Problem

    I have almost the same problem,when changing gear the pedal sometimes sticks on the return and suddenly pops up as your driving.its going in for a new master cylinder on the 3rd July (as per senior tech at lookers ford) so will let you know if it cures the problem...glad it under warranty......... Kristal
  5. hey karen how are you?

  6. Km To Miles

    should be able to reset it with the onboard computor toggle switches .see owners manual .......(i think)
  7. Mk7 Fiesta Titanium 1 : Mk2 Focus Rs -500

    for some of the longer serving members on here ..does that remind you of someone that used to post on here.post after post after post...............nuf said
  8. Ugg Gastly........looks like a pram with a windscreen
  9. Nice forum upgrade!

    I dont mind ,change but not just for change sake, and i agree with Abbie and Keith,its not working that well and the layout,and font size isnt good and the colours especially are dreadful,more like grey and white very hard on the eyes,retrograde step in my humble opinion, sorry guys,I know you work hard to keep it fresh,but i for one cant look at the screen for more than a few seconds,and then have to look away,not for me ime afraid
  10. easy way to increase bhp?

    Welcome to the club. I have 2008, mk 6.5, 14i. and most of the time its driven quite normally, but on the occation i do need to (put my toenails through the radiator) it goes like a bat with its bum on fire,but i guess you will need to take into consideration the ammount of milage it has already done. Also check out the front suspension springs as some have snapped or have corrosion wear (causing them to snap) and drop down on the front tyres (see other threads in F.O.C history) so best of luck but i really wouldnt bother too much as the Fiesta is a lot lighter than the Rover/MG so power to weight ratio should be about the same (she says reading from book)........ Kristal
  11. Respraying/Recolouring

    A really pro job will cost you £2000+ (glass out etc) so best of luck ;)
  12. I had one big church candle right in the middle,then i could keep warm. Don't believe a word she says.
  13. Well it seems a long while since my last post but anyway was my birthday yesterday (dont even ask too many) my neighbour brought me a humungus chocolate birthday cake..........sod the diet watch this on youtube Paignton Ice Skating for Cars ( Bolero Remix ) and went to my dealers to-day had a few minor probs fuel milage seemed to have gone haywire since the service in october,so he has downloaded some software into the computor (HAL) if you know what he was 2001 space film) and my auto lights and wipers have had a mind of their own so he has orderd a new sensor when dry the wipers would start, when wet, they wouldnt lights came on when i started the car (normal as the car is kept in the garage in the dark) but when you drove into the sunshine they would stay on for 30 mins or at least 15/20 miles so i will keep you posted on both the petrol consumption and the lights/wipers...........anyway i have a date with some more chocolate cake........... :D Kristal
  14. Happy Birthday KeithC

    Happy Birthday Keith,............sorry ime a bit late.........story of my life,....... hope you had a goodun