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  1. It isn't a genuine Ford part as far as I'm aware (the replacement w/screen). None of this surprises me about Ford. When I had the clutch replaced the car was out of warranty anyway but I thought I'd ask. The guy at the service desk said "clutches aren't covered by Ford warranty. If want a warranty like that you need to buy a Mercedes or a Saab or something like that!!!!!!" What devotion to the badge.
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    Hello to everyone. I'm a two car Ford owner (don't laugh). I drive an 08 plate Focus 1.8 petrol Xetec, and my 23 year old daughter has got an 04 plate Ka (you can see how I get to "own" two cars now, I mean I pay for two Fords). Hope I'm not going to get banned, or offend anyone, but to be honest I've not been a big fan of Ford's recently, due to personal experience. Hope to be able to get some tips and guides on Ford "stuff", and help anyone else if I can. Having said that, my first car was an "M" reg (1974) Ford Escort 1100 in Daytona yellow, which was ace, until I wrote it off. Bye for now.
  3. Back from work now, so I can go on a bit more like the grumpy middled aged man that I am. First, thanks to the guy who made the video in the first place. Despite the "rear" windscreen bit I understood everything you meant. A very nice explanation. Second, thanks to Dougie for the quick response. Well done mate for fixing yours. The reasons I can't do it myself are; I'm over 50, and can't see anything close up I've got fingers like jumbo sausages I might be able to find a mate, or a mate's son who could have a go. I guess even if you fail it's no loss, as it doesn't work anyway (I should add here that I haven't actually checked the foil strip yet, as it's pitch black out there, and I can't afford a house with a drive, let alone a garage. But if it isn't I'll bare my ar*e in Binns window). I've got a mate at work who's got a 55 plate Fiesta, and he told me his drivers side FSH had packed in. Is this the same problem? Can you get banned from these forums for saying you hate Ford? I've had this Focus since it was a year old with 7500 on the clock. I had to have a new clutch last year at 35000 miles. What's that all about? Plus my daughter's got an 04 Ka she's had for 3 years. Don't get me started on that. Let's just say the raw materials and the build quality aren't the best. Wow I feel really great now I've got that of my chest. Think I'll go outside and put a big chip in the screen, and get a new one on the excess. Or maybe Ford could replace it free of charge as it's obviously a design fault. Once I'mm 100% sure it's the foil strip, I'm gonna take back to the dealer for his "expert" diagnosis, or to Autoglass who put a replacement in 18 months ago to see what they say. I'll play dumb tho. Ta Ta for now
  4. This has got to be quick, as I've got to go back to work. My drivers side FSH has just failed, and I'm gonna look at this foil strip. I can't help but thinking, but wouldn't the only way this could be fixed cheaply was if your windscreen got damaged, and you paid the excess for a new one? That fix described above looks like hell on earth to me.