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  1. Windsreen Washer Jets (Front)

    I've got the heated type on the car, bought and fitted the appropriate fan-type no bother without any wiring mods. The jets are a great improvement over the originals - although they do hit the windscreen a little low when at speed. Not a problem as you just wash for longer :) In the freezing weather they are great! Mind you, this is the first car I've owned with a heated front screen and that is awesome! No more de-icer required...
  2. 2.0 Tdci Titanium Fuel Economy 59 Plate Uk

    I've got a 60-plate TitX estate 2.0 163 powershift and I used to get 38mpg round the doors until the fuel vaporiser thingy got replaced under warranty. Now I get 36.5! Even on a long run on motorways and A-roads I only get 40.2 - which is WAY off the published figures (which I know are generous at best). Anyone know a decent re-map company in the North East? I'd prefer a re-map instead of a plug-in unit / chip then I don't have to inform the insurance company!
  3. While I'm having a rant about dirty windscreens (see other post), the front jets on my car are crap. Two jets with two half-hearted streams. Anyone know of any aftermarket jets and / or uprated pump that will shower out a fan of water across the whole screen? The mother-in-law's 05 Seat Arosa does that and it's the best thing on the car!! Cheers, Chris
  4. Rear Screen Filth!

    Cheers, thanks for that. Clear film will probably be the way to go. Might as well do all I can to protect the paint!
  5. My Titanium X (60 plate about 5 minutes before they fitted the daytime running lamps) has the Sony DAB Radio and only has an AUX 3.5mm audio jack in the glove compartment. i was hoping for the USB too - but I could only find mention of that in the radio that has the Sat Nav built in... Works great with my daughter's iPod touch, where #7 on the volume is deafening, but my Samsung Galaxy S2 needs to have the radio cranked above 20 to get decent sound. V annoying! Hope this helps... Chris incidentally, I'm impressed with the DAB, but I'm sure in FM mode Sony have made it sound crap on purpose!
  6. Rear Screen Filth!

    Hi all, Regarding my Mk4 estate - is there any way to improve the aerodynamics so that the rear windscreen doesn't continually need wash/wiping when you're driving along in rain / drizzle? It's the first part of the car to get dirty after I've washed it, and with all the clag on the roads at the moment it's annoying to say the least that you can't go 3 minutes without washing the rear screen! I used to have an old Honda Accord Aerodeck (long may she rest), and the aerodynamics of that meant at anything over 30mph in whatever weather the rear screen stayed nice and clear! Also, as there is a large amount of nice shiny body coloured bumper before the boot lip (nice designing, Ford...) - is there anything available, such as a clear film (like a smartphone screen protector) that you can get to stop it getting scratched? any help, much appreciated, Chris
  7. First Post!

    Greetings all! First i bought an '89G Sierra from a scrapyard. It was trashed, but I only wanted the running gear to use in a kit car I was planning to build. Found out the 2.0DOHC engine was pretty much useless so that went on eBay, whereupon I bought... A '94L Mondeo estate for £185. Cost £75 in petrol to pick it up and trailer it home where that got stripped and sold off too (made all my money back) and kept the 2.0 Zetec engine to use in my Dax Rush kit car. It wasn't until July 2011 that I bought the first Ford I could actually drive! It's a 60-Plate Mondeo Estate in Panther Black and Titanuim X trim. 163BHP TDCi with Powershift auto gearbox. Goes well! And the kit car?? Well, that's still in the garage in a state of build... One of these days it'll be finished. I hope.