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  1. Had the same problem on my Mk7, was closing but not fully locking. Took it to my local dealer and the adjusted the catch itself as the spring was not releasing correctly.
  2. Said Goodbye On Thursday

    Not the best as it was taken in the garage with my phone
  3. Said Goodbye On Thursday

    All minor problems, seatbelt warning and engine management lights coming on, did go through three front wheels due to potholes. It was a shame cos overall the Fiesta is a really nice car. It was also a struggle for my OAP parents getting into the back when I was giving them lifts due to it being a three door.
  4. Said Goodbye On Thursday

    Cheers, I really liked the Fiesta when we first bought it but as time went by I was getting more and frustrated with the few problems we had. It was also starting to feel a bit small and underpowered (being the older 90bhp engine didn't help). The A4 feels much safer to overtake in and is very comfortable for the type of journeys we do which are mainly motorway miles.
  5. After 2.5 years of owning the Fiesta and 2 previous Fords (Puma 1.7 and Focus 1.8) I traded in at my local Audi dealership for a new A4 Black Edition 2.0l TDI. Couldn't be happier with it so far, hoping that I have more luck with this car than the Fiesta and that the 19" rims are a bit stronger than the 17" rims I had on the Ford. Bye-bye to this Hello to this
  6. Don't Buy A Fiesta!

    I have just had to replace another front wheel after hitting a pothole, third one in the 2 years i've owned the car. Getting expensive now.
  7. Am I Being Too Fussy?

    Mine was like that when I got it and the dealer adjusted it. Looks fine now.
  8. Fiesta Stereo Volume

    Haven't had a software update for over a year, haven't changed the setting for auto adjust but it has only just started showing the changes on the screen. Very strange but not a problem I suppose.
  9. It wouldn't feel enough of a change for me, obviously would be a big performance jump from the TDCI but would still feel like I was driving the same car. I've decided to get rid of the Fiesta soon, but will probably not be going for another Ford (last three cars were Puma, Focus and now Fiesta) as I fancy something different.
  10. Fiesta Stereo Volume

    Cheers, but i don't think its this as it does it when using iPod
  11. Fiesta Stereo Volume

    Have noticed over the last couple of weeks that the volume keeps changing and popping up on the stereo display without me adjusting it, anyone else had this happening? I know you can set the stereo to adjust volume automatically but have never noticed the display changing before (had the car two years).
  12. Fuel Economy Seems Terrible So Far

    Lowest I've had as little as 40.47mpg across a tank which works out at around 356 miles (I think)
  13. May be worth pulling the fuse to reset the stereo, when I first got the car and had problems with the Bluetooth (back in 08 before the software update for bt audio) pulling the fuse sorted it.
  14. Engine Management Light

    At what point does it come on? Is it while driving or when first turning the car on? Mine sometimes comes on when driving it really hard and dropping through the gears too fast if it bounces off the rev limiter.
  15. Don't Buy A Fiesta!

    Pay more attention to the road and you'll hit less potholes, or at least be able to slow down for them. Problem solved. As I stated earlier, the time I buckled my alloys I was driving too fast for the road (one that I had previously been down and already seen the massive crevice that had appeared) so I should have adjusted my driving rather than expecting my alloys to be able to deal with the pothole successfully.