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  1. Today driving my tdci mondeo i was doing my normal thing and whilst i was going through the gears the boost suddenly went and the heater plug light started to flash and turbos boost was no existant so i pulled over turned the car off waited then started again and the heater plug light went off and normal boost applied but not for long, when i got home i put bonnet up checked intercooler pipes were still on and everything else connected to turbo and it was ok so i went for another run but touch wood no loss in boost but there must be something wrong for it to happen in first place.................. what is the problem anybody witnessed this before cheers
  2. Poss Idler Pulley?

    yes yes exactly like that, what is it and is it easy to repair and is there a link on how to do it cheers
  3. Im not sure if its my idler pulley thats making a noise on the right side of my engine but the noise only starts when the car is in idle and its intermittant, its like a vibration noise has anybody else experianced this please advise...
  4. hi there ive recently bought a mondeo tdci 2.0 ghia 130 and ive noticed its a bit noisey is this the dual mass it also seems to pink at low revs please can anybody give me some advice
  5. New Ford Owner

    hi there people im a newbie, hope your all well