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  1. ChrissH

    Ford Fiesta Mk 7 Alloy Size

    The ones on my Zetec are 15" - I believe the Titaniums are 16" Can't say about fitting rims with a larger center hole, but i'm sure that someone on here will be able to help!
  2. ChrissH

    Powerfold Mirrors

    Hi, A little bit of a noob to this forum. I don't have powerfold mirrors, but would be hoping someone would be nice enough just to try something for me! Behind the Glovebox there are a couple of Relays (R2 and R3) - Would you mind pulling them out and trying make the mirrors fold either by locking your car or using the switch by the drivers door handle? I just want to know if it *Might* work without the relays! Thanks in advance. Chris
  3. ChrissH

    Ms Design Drl

    How much are you looking for Grocer? Are they the official ms ones?
  4. Hi Stef, Can you let me know how many hours recording your 32gb Micro sd can hold after its been filled up please?
  5. Sorry to bring up an old thread.. but does anyone know how many hours a 16GB Micro SD Card will hold in terms of recording? I know it'll depend on the quality and file format, but if I brought the same on as iNath, how long would that last? Cheers, Chris
  6. ChrissH

    Drivers Door Flew Open Whilst Driving

    Did you have to de ice the car in the morning? And if so did you use water? One of my friends had this issue - a bit of water got into the locking mechanism and froze when poured water over his windows.
  7. ChrissH

    Fiesta 1.4 Petrol Bad Mpg

    I've the same car - I'm only getting 280-300 at a push out of a full tank doing town driving.
  8. ChrissH

    Usb/bluetooth And Samsung Galaxy S3

    Has anyone got a Brodit holder for their galaxy s3 yet? I want to get one, but not sure if I can use it with a case on my S3?
  9. Hiya, Just a quick question - With this particular cable and the Bluetooth USB Module, is it possible to use a normal USB-A to mini USB then buy a female to female USB Adapter so that it changes the connection type on the USB-a side? (If that makes sense..) or do I HAVE to buy that cable from Ford?
  10. ChrissH

    Fitting Parking Sensors To Fiesta Mk7

    I've installed the X Vision Parking sensors and can scan the instructions that came with them if anyone would like me to email it over? Just pop a pm over if you do :)
  11. Lol! Nice to see people checking their mirrors for the blind spot!! Just a quick one.. If i wanted this to attach to a switched ignition live so it doesn't use the 12v socket, how would i go about doing that?
  12. ChrissH

    Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    Hi - Sorry to bring back up a thread... I'm thinking of doing this, but how come you've got the red wire connected to the positive on the battery? Doesn't this keep the DRL's on all the time? I thought it had to be connected to a switched ignition live..!
  13. ChrissH

    Is This Normal?

    Not at all. It used to be slightly cold when it was on, but now it is not even cold at all.
  14. ChrissH

    Is This Normal?

    They've said it's a faulty Air con compressor, but it was fine and I honestly never noticed before I took my car to them! Just strange that it only started happening after I went to them.. Has anyone else had this issue?
  15. ChrissH

    Is This Normal?

    Hiya, I'm hoping someone can help me and shed some light on what this noise is and what it means! I recently got my Air Con regassed on my Fiesta (58 Plate) - and now every time I turn on the Fiesta Air Con, the air doesn't get cold and it just clicks, hisses and doesn't seem to engage. I've uploaded a video just so you can all see. I'm not sure if its just not been re-gassed properly or if there is actually an issue - I must admit, I never noticed this before the Air Con regassing, and the air coming out was cold before (albeit not freezing cold hence the regas). (Apologies for the video.. the "hiss and Click" might not be very noticeable, but i've also tried to focus on the compressor itself - You might have to turn it up to hear it..)