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  1. Happy Birthday gbreddiesel!

  2. gbreddiesel

    Replacing 15" Focus Alloys. Help Please

    This is really nice & will run nicely in tight grip. This can control speed nicely. You must try this 15".
  3. gbreddiesel

    Parking With Two Wheels On A Curb

    There are many types of tyres for different vehicles & Parking the vehicle at an angle will put more pressure on the side wall of the tyre, Perhaps try filling the tyres with nitrogen instead of air; it’s less likely to escape, as far as I’m aware BP do this service,
  4. gbreddiesel

    Passive Key Not Detected

    There are different lock systems in different cars. They can be locked & unlocked easily but in some cars, this system is complex & asks for code.
  5. gbreddiesel

    Cost Of Replacement Key

    It is true that locksmiths carry all the specialist tools for cars & other units also. You can buy another set of keys which can be fitted in any vehicle. There are many keys available now.