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  1. Engine Light

    Hey guys, quick question for you all, I drove to work this morning (about 26 miles) and my car was fine but then tonight on the way home about 1/4 of the way my engine light came on, so i turned my music down to listen for any bumps and bangs or any signs of disfunctions and there was nothing wrong that i could tell, when i got home i turned my ignition off and left it a minute to let the engine settle, I then turned my Car on again and it fired up the same as it usually does but the engine light is still on.....any thoughts what it could be?
  2. Help!!!

    hi guys sorry about the late reply but its sorted now i took it to anumber of garages and they all said the same thing.....needed a new cluster so have one now and its fine apparently its a common problem that happens with fords 2000-03 reg models.
  3. Help!!!

    i tried taking the cluster out myself and did pretty well was fairly easy but i didnt really know what to do once i had the cluster out? and yesterday my dashboard had a real funny turn, it all started working while i was driving then it stopped again and then i had lights flashing around my dials? please help again
  4. Help!!!

    Ok thank you very much :D
  5. Help!!!

    Hey guys thank you for the information but i may need to be thick for a minute when you say the cluster do you mean the light cluster?
  6. Hello Guys. Need some help with my 03 Focus LX. It had its MOT last week and passed but since then my dashboard hasn't been working properly, none of the needle indicators are working so i dont know how fast im going, how much fuel i've got and how many revs im doing etc. when i say it doesn't work its more tempremental also my front window wipers are not working properly either when i push the stick on my steering wheel its supposed to do one wipe but it stops mid-way on the windscreen when i let go of the stick, but it gets more awkward if the dashboard works the window wiper doesn't when i push it down once and if the wiper works the dashboard doesn't so i think there's a connection between them and I have checked all the fuses and there fine,I took it back to the garage that MOT'd my car and there not sure of the problem they think an ignition barrel might sort it but i dont want to pay money if it wont work and ive been told to charge my battery for 5-6 hours. Any/All Help will be much Appriciated. Thanks. Adam.