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  1. Whining from engine. Lights dim get brighter with rpm

    I have now had the alternator replaced and good news. The problems have now gone. So the strange dimming of lights and brightening etc with more revs has now entirely gone. The whine that was also present has gone entirely. So appears something in the alternator mus have burnt out and wasn't running correctly, even though the alternator was showing the correct volts. Many thanks everyone for your help.
  2. Whining from engine. Lights dim get brighter with rpm

    Yes it's very strange. The whine at its loudest was on the first day it occurred which happened to be when it was really wet outside. This also was the day I smelt the strong burning smell through the vents. Since then the burning smell seems to have passed a bit as I don't smell anything at least any more and the whine is there but no where near like it was the first day it occurred. That's why I think it's almost like something burnt out or had some issues but I just don't know. I'm getting alternator replaced next week hopefully so we will see then if it fixes any of the noises or strange power issues I've noticed with things like the blowers and lights feeling underpowered until touching the accelerator to get revs up.
  3. Whining from engine. Lights dim get brighter with rpm

    Oh I know and as I say the mechanic who checked said same thing that upon checking it that it could still be the alternator but there weren't enough proof as such that it was in fact the alternator and yes you are right it could certainly be a costly replacement if in fact it doesn't help any thing but with this I think I may just have to give it a go and keep fingers crossed that changing over the alternator will stop the noise. If not then guess it's just got to keep listening out and trying to find the culprit.
  4. Whining from engine. Lights dim get brighter with rpm

    Yes from what I've read on the Internet it does seem to suggest that a failing alternator will also or could also cause a burning smell as well as a whining sound. This is what keeps making me think it's alternator related. That along with the fact the blowers and all electrics seem a lot less powerful at idle (i guess it may have always been that way but I've only just noticed it now) If the alternator is changed and whine still occurs then I assume it can then only be a tensioner or possibly something to do with air con. However the noise doesn't change if air con is on or off so don't know if that makes a difference.
  5. Whining from engine. Lights dim get brighter with rpm

    Thank you very much for the answers. Do do think that it's more likely to be alternator whineing considering it gets louder with more electrical load? I think I may get it changed and at least it would narrow it down then if it didn't cure the issues?
  6. Whining from engine. Lights dim get brighter with rpm

    It's started recently but just before it got really cold. In actual fact it was when it was extremely wet and I did wonder whether water could have gotten into anything. The noise though is not something I've ever heard before. I've had the car 5 years and it's never whined like it is now. Never mattered how many electrical things I've had on. OK, can the voltage still be outputting normally even if the alternator is failing? The noise itself is like an electric motor sort of whine that increases in pitch when you accelerate. If I press the clutch or reduce apeed then the rev drops right down and noise drops with it. I guess the fact that it could be alternator it's best to get replacement in the hopes it cures the issue. Then if it doesn't we know that it must be tensioner or ac related? If it was any of the other things other than alternator. What's worse thing that will happen?
  7. Whining from engine. Lights dim get brighter with rpm

    Many thanks for your replies. The mechanic I use did say that potentially it could be pulleys or tensioners etc but wasn't able to spin it fast enough to recreate the whine I was hearing. It's all very strange and I've looked at belt and all appears to be OK. However, driving home this evening I did a few tests as I was getting the whining sound again which went with revs etc. So I noticed that when it was doing it the lights were on as well as blowers and also rear defrosted. So I decided to turn blowers and defroster off and the whining sound almost vanished. Then I turned them all back on and noise reappeared again with acceleration etc. I got home and turned the electrical things on and again whining sound very much present. I turned it all off including the head lights and it was almost silent, whine was barely noticible. To me this indicates it's def something electircal and would this point more to the alternator than the belts and pulleys as if it was belt related then surely the noise would be present permently and not just when electrical things are switched on?
  8. Whining from engine. Lights dim get brighter with rpm

    The alternator belt is fairly new to be honest. About a year or 2 old and haven't done loads of miles since having it done. This is the first time the noise has occurred since having the belt replaced. There's no screaming or anything on startup either. I did read the the voltage regulator could in fact whine when it's on its way out. No sorry I didn't mean the sound was through speakers. The sound was just very loud and could hear it louder than the stereo but no it wasn't coming through the stereo or speakers itself. Also though as mentioned before I've been getting the strange power issues where the lights would get brighter when engine rpm increases etc. Blower speed would also increase a bit with more rpm. I don't recall that ever happening before on the car and have been told that's probably a faulty voltage regulator. Think it may be worth replacing the alternator and see if that fixes any of the issues. If the whine is still present then will have to keep seeing what else it could be.
  9. Whining from engine. Lights dim get brighter with rpm

    So even though the volts are fine it could still be the alternator emitting the noise? The more electrical things that are on does also seem to effect the noise/pitch of the whine so guess apart from alternator there wouldn't be anything else that could cause this would there?
  10. Whining from engine. Lights dim get brighter with rpm

    This is the thing, when it first happened it was a very loud whine that I could hear over radio. this was accompanied by a burning smell. The whine has died down a little but as I say it's still there and mechanic has tested volts coming from alternator and they appear fine. I can't ever recall the car electrics being as slow at idle though. even the wiper seems slower and like I say any electrics that are on seem slower at idle but if I rev engine the fans speed up or lights get brighter. I'm hoping by changing the alternator it at least fixes some of the issue but the whine could potentially be something else?
  11. Hello all. Hope you are able to help. My focus acted up the other day. I started the car as normal but got a very very loud whine, almost sounded like a hair drier that rose in pitch with rpm. Just over 1000 rpm the noise was very loud, when I slowed down the noise gradually went until the revs increased again. When I pulled up I could smell a burning smell through the blowers. After it was left overnight I started in again and although noise there it wasn't anywhere near as loud as before. That's when I also noticed that at idle the electrics in the car would be OK until I gave it some revs. As the revs increased things sped up. So the fan at highest setting sounded a little on the slow side, as soon as increased the revs the fan speed also increased. I also noticed same thing with lights, the lights would brighten a bit with revs and the dim a little once revs decreased. If I have headlights on and turned the fan on, each setting on fan would every so slightly dim the headlight more and more. Turning the steering wheel also effected lights as they dimmed slightly when turning wheel. Upon searching, everything I found indicates alternator or voltage regulator causing issues. Mechanic checked alternator and said that voltage output is normal. As I've experienced more issues regarding everything feeling under powered until revs increase I feel it's potentially voltage regulator. What does everyone think? Ps I have had a new battery within last year or 2. Thank you all
  12. Rubbing Sound when driving - focus tdci 1.6 mk2

    Yeah you are probably right there. I'll get it all sorted and as you say if for any reason it's not quite fixed fully then will just let mechanic know but fingers crossed its just the bearing that's causing the issue and all will be well again soon :)
  13. Rubbing Sound when driving - focus tdci 1.6 mk2

    Thank you for all the replies. Just going to get the one changed for now as everyone has suggested. Still a bit worried though as driving about the noise seems to get slightly louder when turning right but also slightly louder when turning left. All the things I've read say one direction it will go loud and the other direction would go quiet depending on which side is worn but that's what's puzzling me as whether I turn right or left I still get a louder noise, possible more of a noise turning right, but it's my right sight front wheel bearing that's failing. Any ideas why I'm getting it noisy all the time?
  14. Rubbing Sound when driving - focus tdci 1.6 mk2

    With the noise being when steering left right and centre would it still be just the one bearing in your opinion? Tomsfocus- mechanic had same response and said that just changing the one that's faulty at moment is enough and no need to change both. So going with that. Just hoping car doesn't get anyworse over next week. Just driving steady at moment
  15. Rubbing Sound when driving - focus tdci 1.6 mk2

    Also, the other thing I wanted to ask is that the noise happens pretty much all time so in a straight line, going left is more pronounced and going right slightly more than going left. Would this just be the one bearing as only having one replaced.