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  1. Hi, My MK2 2006 Focus, aircon not engage, but cooling fan is working when push ac button. i checked fuses under glove box and bonnet , all off them were fine, i checked gas pressure is ok. i checked pressure sensors, low and high pressure were fine. when i push ac button, lamp will on, and cooling fan is starting to turn under bonnet, but ac compressor not turninig !!! and there is no electric is comming ac compressor cable plug !!! IS THERE ANY CONNECTION PLUG ON THE CABLE WHICH IS BETWEEN AC COMPRESSOR AND PCM ECU ??? i checked car dtc with FORSCAN software, but there is no fault code, please help.
  2. 2006 1.6 tivct focus aircon problem

    there is gas ok. electric is coming to aircon pump . but its not engageged to work. where is the problem ? is it clutch problem ?
  3. 2006 1.6 tivct focus aircon problem

    ok . today i will regased it. and will see. but its working good(cold air is perfect) , if the gas is low how it can give cold air perfectly, and stopped suddenly ?? thanks.
  4. hi my focus air con compressor is stop working while it is working in good condition (cold air is coming perfect) , its stops while i diriving the car, and outside air starts to come inside. i check the electrical under the hood, they are working, and i checked the wire which is connect to air con compressor, its ok. when i turn on ac electrick is comes to compressor. where is the problem ?
  5. the first phase

  6. Hi, i change my 2006 focus electronic thermostat with non-electronic one, but car gives error, how can i close electronic thermostat from elm config ?? sorry my english
  7. HELP i changed my elm327 v1.5 baud rate to 500000, but it still not working with elmconfig 2.15, it says ''incorrect response from ELM to request , AT S1 ?'' what is that ???? PLEASE HELP , I CAN CONNECT WİTH OLDER VERSIONS OF ELMCONFIG BUT CANT CONNECT 2.15 , WHY ???
  8. can i change my elm327 v1.5 baud rate from 9600 to 38400 ??? i thing that elmconfig 0.2.15 works with 38400 baud rate devices
  9. hi everyone. i have one question, i connect my MK2 FOCUS with elm, by using elmconfig 0.2.3 older version now i want to connect with elmconfig 0.2.15 ,but it get an error :( AT S1 error , how can i fix this, because i want to enable cruise control by entering PCM but new version of elmconfig not working but older version is working perfectly i allredy modificate my elm cable and perfect working with older version of elmconfig. my laptop is windows 7 , please help , im waiting lots of time to entering PCM to activate cruise control , but ELMCONFIG 0.2.15 GET ERROR -AT S1 ERROR , PLEASE HELP.
  10. Ford Focus Mk2 Alternator Problem

    I have done what u said and ist ok.thank you
  11. Ford Focus Mk2 Alternator Problem

    ok ım try it now
  12. Ford Focus Mk2 Alternator Problem

    when i look battery in dash, it is 14.1 or 14.2 , but when i push stop , it decrease to 13.7, and when i pull back my foot it shows 14.1 again , is it ok ??? and at the night time , when i open all lights on car and front and rear windows heaters, and then push to stop , battery decrease to 12.1 v , and lights effects decrease too, is it same at yours focus ???
  13. Ford Focus Mk2 Alternator Problem

    i found it , it si wiring problem between alternator and fuse box under hood, alternator pin and battery voltage is not same , and ı look wiring , then i found that the cable between alternator and fuse box is damaged, i change the red cable , now it is ok.. and ı have one questıon , when i push stop , the battery voltage decrease to 13.7 voltage, is it normal ??? its 14.1 while working the engine. and engine is working at 800 rpm, is it ok ???
  14. Ford Focus Mk2 Alternator Problem

    now central locking not working from key buttons , how it could be ??? i play with PCM cables between alternator and its not working
  15. Ford Focus Mk2 Alternator Problem

    i look all off them , but there is nothing , alloff them ok. , i cant find any broken socket or cable .