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  1. Speedo 0 / Loss of power

    might be the alternator mate if it has a bad connection or is just on its way out, your fuel pump is a electronic one and if your bat aint getting enough charge it wont send the fuel through and could explain why your lights dim and it some times feels like it is about to stall, just a thought but start simple before you get stressed and tunneled vision over one possible fault!!! good luck and stay away from ford garages they wanted £500 for a !Removed! clutch and i got the full kit all in for £350 at a merc stamped garage up the road
  2. vibration though steering

    if it is the disks when you stop put your hand near the wheel and you will more then likely feel a lot of heat but i doubt very much it is that i think it is more then likely that the garage you went to did not do your tracking and ballancing just !Removed! you off with a top up on your power steering fluid if it was the brakes you would only realy expeirience the tremble on slowing down
  3. dash

    a loose conection in your wiring loom behind your dash or a !Removed! fuse box connection start simple before making some thing a big deal good luck
  4. idle control valve

    as i am aware the answer is no it is the throttle cable itself that controls the idle speed ou can adjust this by undoing the silver clamp that holds it in place and simply pulling it out a little the correct idle speed is 0.9 rpm good luck
  5. i have burnt out my clutch and the recovery bloke has said it is the plates that have collapsed so will be a new job have been looking for a new one on the net but aint found any yet so any suggestions would be cool and appreiciated but my main question is can youfit a 6 speed gear box straight in as i havent heard of any except in the newer 220 i have a 96 2.5i v6 si or would it be better to fit a diesil box if so which one???

    blaming the missus eh i believe you pal dont worry lol copy this addy mate http://shop.ebay.co.uk/items/_W0QQ_nkwZmon...fromZR40QQ_mdoZ
  7. diconect your thermostat your heater will cool down a lot but your car wont lose any power on the motor way just keep checking your coolant and oil regulary thats the cheats way and the quickest and the cheapest
  8. had the same problem but originaly i thought it was leaking from behind the dash board i even saw water drip down but on closer investigation it was the door seal at the top needed replacing it was just dripping down the side of the door to the dash but it flooded my old car had big puddles inside front and rear but there you go good luck buddy
  9. v6 mondeo what she worth

    with a short mot and tax proberly right at about 450 not worth a lot especialy at the minute every one wants little 1.5 diesels not proper cars hope you get a good price for it
  10. Central Locking

    its a safety feature that has been added but its only supposed to lock when the vehicle is in motion the doors that dont lock are the ones that arnt shut properly i have the same thing in my works van dont worry about that well unless you lock your self out lol
  11. properly serviced and mainly motor way miles the car will out live you just as mintalkin said keep your ear out for any strange rattleing
  12. stereo

    buy a new stereo and a decent set of 6*9s will give you ample bass subs ruin your tunes they take away all the tune and leave you with nothing but thumping they aint cool just because all your mates have them!!!
  13. breaking 2 mondeo st24,s

    is it the leather interior?
  14. for 500 nicker you cant go wrong i had the m reg td it was my first mondy and it was !Removed! it was proper slow and had pieces falling off it every where and every thing that could go wrong did go wrong lol but if you get a decent example then i wouldnt worry about any thing there brilliant cars i named mine the love bus!!! if they are looked after nothing will really go wrong with them only general wear and tear but hey thats the joy of motoring eh as i am aware the only thing to realy be careful of is the door handles they tend to stiffen up and the spring inside breaks so every time you lift the handle it stays open and the door wont shut i used to find it funny as hell to not tell people and then go round a corner so they nearly fell out!!! oh good times lol oh and the alternators arnt that great on them but thats not a big deal you can pick one up from a scrap yard or even a decent garage wont charge you that much to replace one but all things aside i still miss mine and i am sure that your old man will love his to
  15. MONDEO GHIA X 2.5 V6

    ok first things first get a manual auto's are for woman and the disabled lol you can get a cheap one for under a grand and yeah people might look down there nose's at you at first but what you have to realise is that they are a 2.5i v6 its a duratec engine thats pushing about 170ish bhp will do 0-60 in round about 8 seconds give or take for age and condition its the same engine as in the st24 and the si models you can pick up rsap body kit for them for not a lot of pennys of ebay and if you shop about you can get a lowering set of springs for round and about 100 quid and to top it all of the insurance is not far of half of an st24 so its up to you i nearly bought one proberly the worst thing about them is there fuel consumption i would say you get about 25-30 mpg if you drive sensibly!!! you can mod them quite easy just search about you can fit a k&n 57i air filter which you can pick up for about 60 quid you can swop the upper and lower inlet manifold from an st200/220 for more bhp for about 100ish quid each the throtle bodies of a st200 will fit you can get the chip remapped for 280quid and on then there is always the exhaust so if you want a pretty nippy car for a decent price you wont be disapointed what car you drive now???