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  1. Hi all, So for weeks I have been wondering what was vibrating on the inside of my Fiesta Titanium 2010 as it has been driving me nuts. It doesn't happen all the time, only when driving over slightly uneven ground/bumps etc. Sounded so much like the window making a noise which does also happen in my car when the window is open (annoying common fault on these model apparently). However after a lot of padding out different sections of the door frame/pockets etc, I managed to find the cause of the problem. The noise is actually on the outside and is the wing mirror, where the mirror section vibrates somehow as if its not fully clipped on or something - very strange. I tested this as the noise was apparent when I closed the passenger door (as the vibration passed through making a noise), but if I applied pressure on the mirror then closed the door, it didnt make the noise. I have tried using bits of black foam to pad out the sides but doesnt solve the problem - not to mention it looks fairly obvious. <_< Anyway, my question is.. does anyone have instructions on how to remove the mirror and check out whats going on? I cant really see how it is connected on. Any help/pictures or even solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. nightmair23

    Boot Comes Open

    Can you let us know the outcome please? I have started having this exact problem today and now every time I start the engine, the boot pops open. Have a 2010 Fiesta which is now out of warranty, or is this still covered? Could be a wiring issue which I fear may cost a bomb to fix! :(