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  1. When I press the phone button it shows mute. So i cant pair a new phone. How can i sort this out. (Ford mondeo 2008, 6000CD audio system)

  2. 6 Month Courtesy Check

    I took mine in at 3 months. It isn't much more than a visual check but I felt it meant if a warranty claim came up it could help my case. Showing care for the car and giving them an early opportunity to pick up issues etc.
  3. The Smell

    I think it is a bumper off job to get the bottle right out of a Fiesta. You could try siphoning out the current fluid and then running through a few bottles of good quality windscreen wash fluid. It might be that it previously didn't have washer fluid in and just plain water. This can cause a build up of mould which causes a stink.
  4. Fiesta St News

    Seen a blue ST2 twice now in Edinburgh city centre. Saving like mad so I can get one myself :)
  5. New Fiesta - Safety Recall?

    Interesting. Could it explain the mysterious fire someone had a while back that seemed to originate a the fog light area?
  6. Wheel Arch Removal

    Just checked the Hanes manual - unfortunately it only covers the bumper, doors and tailgate.
  7. Auto Locking Doors?

    No option unfortunately. You can however program the remote so the usual one press only unlocks the drivers door.
  8. Yes. Sudden oversteer is harder to deal wi than under steer.
  9. Fiesta Mk5 Revving Problem After 2.5K Rpm

    Try the classic test. Stop on a level surface and then try pulling away in 3rd. If the revs go up and it goes then the clutch is probably slipping. If it stalls/would stall then the clutch is probably ok.
  10. Bonnet Isn't Flush :(

    Not sure about the mk6 Fuesta but in most cars there are rubber bits on the underside of the bonnet which you can adjust the height of e bonnet with.
  11. 2009 Fiesta Fuel Filler Cap

    Interesting my 2012 has the tab bit. I never push it in because it just sticks but I've always just pulled it open by putting my finger under the tab.
  12. For summer tyres then Goodyear Efficientgrip or Continental Premium Contact 2.
  13. Fiesta Mk7 Water Ingress/leak

    Depends on the break down of parts and labour. The labour will likely be the bulk of the cost, you are possibly looking at 3-4 hours work depending on how much trim was removed to gain access and dry things out. I guess it also depends on what guarantee you have that it won't happen again.
  14. Help! Vin

    Are you sure? The vin isn't visible on the inside. When standing in front of the car it should be visible at the bottom of the windscreen, near where you put the tax disc. A 2010 is a mk7 btw. It could simply be he windscreen has been changed in the past. If you check the owners manual I'm sure there will be another vin plate you can check. Possibly in the boot or under the bonnet.
  15. Coolant Leak

    Unscrew the oil filler cap. If coolant is getting in the oil (blown head gasket) then you can often see a white scum on the underside of the cap Checked the coolant cap is on nice and tight, could be something simple like that.