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  1. Cambelt Change?

    I don't think so. The Ford service schedule for my 06 1.8tdci says 125k. You can check your own vehicle on the etis site: http://www.etis.ford.com/fordservice/serviceScheduleForm.do Cambelts and tensioners can fail at any mileage................ PSA quote 100k for the 01-08 C5 but there was one I heard of failed at 37k. An exception I'd say, as you wouldn't suggest everyone got their belt changed at 35k because of that. Mine was changed at 100k with "no signs of distress". I had a Galaxy with the VW PD engine - cambelt due at 40k. The hire company that owned it never did get the belt done and I bought the car with 60k on the clock, not impressed I have to say but it shows that they can last well over the recommended interval.
  2. Ford Focus 1.6 Shim Order

    would you not fit the shims depending on the valve clearances measured?
  3. 1.8 Tdci Exhaust Smell In Cabin

    looked at the pipe that was replaced...... the jubliee clip on the hose to the intercooler was less than tight with oil all round the joint. Also the elbow hose at the EGR valve wasn't fully home and the clip wasn't fully tightened with a lot of soot around the joint. I've tightened the clips and I'll see how it is now. May have to pull it all off and refit. Ford main dealer did that job - glad I didn't pay for it.
  4. Hi I've had my 2006 1.8tdci for a month now. Quite happy in general but there's a smell of exhaust fumes in the cabin when the engine is warm, much worse when coming off the accelerator. In the receipts I got with the car there is one for replacing a turbo pipe that had cracked. Is there any other common cause of this smell? I heard somewhere about exhaust manifold nuts working loose. Are these easy to get at? Does anyone have the torque setting for them? many thanks
  5. Cambelt Change?

    are you sure it's 100k? I was under the impression that the later diesels were 125k.