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  1. #bucketlist Pauline Amelinckx

  2. Doesn't say anything about carshows huehuehue Kookie Bal Fred Ayunting David Geoffrey Alvin Espinosa Aye Enriquez

  3. Michael fassbender in 12 years a slave looks like a young Walter white #brba #breakingbad #12yearsaslave @Fassbender_Way @BreakinBad_

  4. Happy Birthday An2ny8888!

  5. I just ousted @jkevincf as the mayor of Robinson's Place Tacloban - Parking Lot on @foursquare! http://t.co/HHShTR8L

  6. Spoiler = P.5,000Muffler = P.5,000OEM Foglamps = P.5,000Heavy Black Tint = P.2,500Cold Air Intake = P.2,000Angel Eyes = P.2,000CarbonFiber Sticker = P.2,000Top Coat = P.1,000Blue Wheel Nuts = P.1,000CF Valve Cover = P.800Lowered Front End = P.550Brembo Brake Cover = P.550Plate Holder = P.400STEEDA Decal = P.200Breather = P.190SEIBON Decal = P.80TOTAL = P.27,270..:))

  7. LOST DOG.. name: burugudos tigu-doy tas tigu-doy ang name nia.. di to xa lumalaki na dog.. black and gold ang fur nia.. pls,, contact me ASAP... last seen, Palmira apartelle

  8. Gn aano ba ini na tweet?!! Kasusumo..

  9. LP nean.. Hus in?. Wa ako load...