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  1. Twitter seems to have a problem! Getting mails from quite a few people that obviously spam?

  2. Colour Online for all Vizion sites who are Glasurit Automotive Refinish users... pass the download link to your... http://t.co/aHUFJfQ5

  3. Congratulations to Top Gear for their 10 million LIKES and also for anyone who has a particular dislike for... http://t.co/xRRJsB3Q

  4. Its not the 0 to 60 that matters, its the 60 to 0!!At Clarkes Accident Repair Centres Ltd until the end of FEB... http://t.co/HAyPNGB3

  5. Used this on the Vizion page but it did make me laugh, how many people have been in meetings like this lol http://t.co/hn0pSLHd

  6. Ford WRC in Monte Carlo... we are not jealous, honest! Have a great one, show them how its done! http://t.co/OIgL2nJH

  7. Miford Can You Help Us To Help You?

    All good points... I like the APP, I'll pass your comments on to the developers... Really helpful Dave, Thanks
  8. Miford Can You Help Us To Help You?

    A direct line to ETIS... hmmm, its not there yet but interesting thought, are you talking diagnostic interface through the phone Paul? User manual seems to be a theme thats worth pursuing, why pdf instead of on line, so it can be downloaded and saved for printing? Discount on service booking ok... how about taking your idea further... booking a service via the APP and getting a discount for booking on line... How about we also have a word with our corporate partners and clients and add discount vouchers for other products, automotive, home, services etc... would anyone use them?
  9. Fiesta Tracking All Over The Road,

    Have you checked you tyres for uneven wear, are the inside edges worn? Was the geometry done on a 4 wheel electronic system with a print out and was the difference in ride height allowed for? How long has it been done?
  10. Fiesta Tracking All Over The Road,

    Probably stupid question, but after it was lowered did get a 4 wheel geometry done. If so were the tracking, castor and camber settings adjusted correctly? When you turn a corner does the steering wheel try to self centralise or do you have to do it completely manually? With regard to warranty, completely agree with Nathan, if you have lowered, unless Ford have done it for you with the recommended kit you may well be struggling Callum...
  11. Miford Can You Help Us To Help You?

    would videos and images of new model launches be interesting, booking test drives etc?
  12. This Hi Res graphic is part of the new look and feel for Vizion and its members designed and delivered by Pure... http://t.co/HiMN5WON

  13. Miford Can You Help Us To Help You?

    Thats a really good idea Dave, I like that a lot!!
  14. Miford Can You Help Us To Help You?

    Not yet Dave but it has been discussed... thanks for that, if you think of anything else give me a shout, much appreciated!