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  1. Please Help !!

    Hi, Yes I found that this can be a problem, so I taped up my washer jet tubes so no water could get into the head, but still it filled up. Thank you though :)
  2. I bought a ford focus 2005 plate in April, last year and have never been happier with a car. However I have ran into major problems and could really do with some advice. I had 8 months of smooth running and no problems, then I had it serviced. The spark plugs and HT leads were replaced as covered in orange dry dust (rust) It looked as though there had once been a water leak in the spark plug well! I thought nothing of it as it was dry. However I replaced it with trade plugs and leads not ford's own. Since this was done I have had engine mangement light come up due to misfiring. I found that the the spark plug well was full of water (2-3cms) and the trade leads didn't fit as tightly so the water had got up to the spark plugs and was causing the misfiring. Since I have dried out this area and replaced with ford parts, it has been fine for 2 months now there is water in here and it's misfiring again! I have looked on forums for an idea but they say leaking from the washer tubes this is not the case for me as I have duct taped them and no signs of water. I have not washed the car, used a jet wash on the engine or had rainfall. I can't afford to take it to the garage as am in my final year at uni. Could anyone help please?? I would really appreciate it Hannah x