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  1. the chrome strip on the front passengers door is dis coloured ( white like calcium on a kettle) I have taken the car to the dealer and they have told me that they will buff it first ??????????? has any one found the same issue.
  2. 2012 Focus Titanium Chrome Dis Colored

    ye i believe the strip has a fault in it. the service guy at the dealer suggested that it was sun cream mistakenly applied by kids, i did not quite laugh at him but replied that the kids must have been real good as that strip has the same apperance at its full lengnth only on the front passenger section of the strip and the same kids would have to applied the sun cream under the mirror not leave any finger marks on it or anywhere else on the car ...... where do they find these people
  3. Startup Trouble For 2005 Mk2 1.6 Ti-Vct

    if you are saying that the engine turns over excessively before it fires up,then you may have trouble with the cam shaft or crank shaft position sensors. simply put older engines were all mechanically linked injection pump is timed and driven by the engine. newer engines are electronic and need to know where in the 4 stroke cycle it is. it uses sensors to check this position and if one sensor is giving trouble the engine needs to turn over more to find where in the cycle it is before it can start. if you have a problem with the sensors it should record and error code.
  4. 2012 Focus Titanium Chrome Dis Colored

    here is how it should be see the reflection in the chrome
  5. Focus Climate Control Display

    I have just bought a new focus titanium , the car has a great amount of kit, but in the drivers handbook climate control section it states that mono should appear in the display panel when the passanger temp control is in synch with the drivers side and when the passangers temp is changed by turning the knob, mono should dissappear from the display . when the auto button is pushed in and held for a period, the drivers side and passanger side temp returns to synch and mono reappears although i have read the manual and tried several different settings i cannot get the word mono to appear in the display has anyone found this ? is the manual incorrect as the system seems to be working fine other wise any ? would like some info before i contact the dealer.
  6. 2012 Focus Titanium Chrome Dis Colored

    that's exactly what i suspected to the dealer, but the service guy replied that ford would ask for it to be buffed first before Ford would support a warranty claim.
  7. Focus Climate Control Display

    paul thanks for that so your car is per the owners manual but mine will not light up the mono symbol no matter what i do and i know it is there in the LCD system you know you can see faint out line of the word,The car is due a service soon and i will ask if any software updates are to be done. the big problem with me is the Irish market is so small i am told the yearly Focus sales in Ireland in one year would equal the sales in the Manchester area then how many are our model it is great to be in contact with other owners . PS i also have an issue with the chrome strip at the front passengers door is is discolored a whitish hew on it like calcium stains on a kettle the dealer says they have to trying buffing it first we will see
  8. Focus Climate Control Display

    paul what happens when you move the drivers side temp control does both temp displays move?
  9. Focus Climate Control Display

    Alan Did you get any info from Ford regarding the climate control display ? my local dealer received another titanium recently and to their credit the service guys called me in, the new one is the same.
  10. i also have a fiesta with similar trouble,short history had engine light on caused by a insuffcient catalytic converter replaced it with second hand one from friend, engine light is out now no problems there. then as i am driving along at a constant speed i could feel a miss would go if i stepped on the accelerator . took out the maf which is under the the air filter " deep under the air filter " takes a little work anyway when you remove the filter you will see the wires follow them there is a second unit there also which i think is part of the idle system cleaned it . now the big miss seems gone however under load say going up hill i feel slight hesitation, not sure where i go now might disconnect maf or check out the throttle body which is the second picture you have up and described. let me know how you go.