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  1. Rhysman

    Mk6 2002 Rear Lights

    Sorry dude, didnt explain myself too well, the front lights i have at the minute are standard so im ok, Its the rear lights that are horrible. Got myself a set off of eBay funnily enough. Mint condition and fully functioning for £3.20, epic win! Cheers anyway though mate.
  2. Rhysman

    Mk6 2002 Rear Lights

    Hi all, basically recently picked up my fezz for a decent price, all is well bar the fact that its came with some horrible 17" wheels (which i fully intend to replace asap) and lexus lights. Just wondering if anyone knows where i could get myself a set of standard lights? Or even swap, just not my type. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Rhys