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  1. cams

    hello guys, i need a CVH33 KENT CAM if anybody has one, please could you let me know. i dont realy come on here a great deal so if you have anything to offer please email me on dellenty1234@aol.com much appreciated james
  2. new member here, im a member on other forums aswel but they are all useless. so hope you guys can shine some light on the situation. ok well this morning i started up my car, started fine as usual. i let it tick over on choke (automatic choke) then the car cut out. and wouldnt re-start. details: 1989 fiesta 1.6s carbed. today i replaced leads dizzy cap rotor arm and the plug are only a few months old. got a lovely strong spark. car stinks of fuel so its deffo getting fuel. iv dried off plugs and left the car for 30mins. and tried again and nothing. i have taken the carb off and cleaned it. its turning over, but not even attempting to start. any help appreciated. james ps. can sombody confirm the firing order? and what psi the compression should be.