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  1. Hi everyone :) I have had my streetka for nearly a year now! since I've had it i have noticed a noise when pulling away. its usually when I've just started it up and steer my way out of my parking space. after that it doesn't seem to make the noise. I work at a commercial vehicle repair shop with mechanics, even they have checked everything and cant find a problem. I have even sent it to my MOT centre to check it out but even they say there isn't anything wrong. I know when there is a problem with a car. it shouldn't make an intense vibration noise and groan when i steer while pulling away. has anyone else had the same problem? thanks !
  2. I have a streetka and one thing I have noticed about it is that my lighter socket is too short for my satnavs charger. I thought that it was that charger but every plug i find is to long to fit in the socket. I thought being a ford it would be standard size? or is it because its an old design? does anyone know where i can get a HTC desire that fits a streetka socket. or can i change it somehow? i cant use satnavs or anything, its a nightmare! its only a 2004. my toyota celica that was a 1994 plate (10 years older!) had a standard socket so i dont see why my streetka doesnt?! thank you!