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  1. Non-Running 2010 Ford Focus

    thanks alot for the help guys, i knw it may sound suspect but end of day were in the garage buisness and have been for years and stuff like this has happened in the past, i did chek the hpi and it was all clear so im going to check the part numbers, repair it and just sell it off again really appreciate all the help guys
  2. Non-Running 2010 Ford Focus

    thts the problem the fire occured whilst the car was off so its hard to say how it started. as mentioned before the car is not communicating with the scanner at all. but the main question as before is that, have i missed any other bits in the starting system, there may be something small which is part of the ford starting systgem which i have missed
  3. Non-Running 2010 Ford Focus

    hii this was a customers car , he bought it in with a new wiring loom fitted, and my self and other garage staff did the rest of the repairs, however the customer could not afford to pay the bill so he asked if i could buy the car for 2.5k so i did. the car has cost me 2.5k thats it hence im trying to repair it. the car is not under warranty as i beleive it was a written off after the fire but later brought back from insurance. just to confirm the parts were from another 2010 focus which had severe rear end damage
  4. Non-Running 2010 Ford Focus

    any chance you could give me the location of the PATS2
  5. Non-Running 2010 Ford Focus

    the key is from the donor as well mate
  6. Non-Running 2010 Ford Focus

    yes the parts were taken from the same model focus, as far as i am aware the key doesn't need programming as the ecu, immobilizer, clocks, transponder, ignition barrel all came from the running donor car
  7. Non-Running 2010 Ford Focus

    hi really appreciate the advice but i think the issue needs some clarification. after the fire the car has had the following items from a donor vehicle ecu transponder key ignition set up fuse box wiring loom and the clocks everything else on the car works fine, all the lights inside and out, central locking, windows, radio etc all work so i am pretty lost as to why the car still refuses to start, its as if the immobilizer is switched on and not turning off
  8. Non-Running 2010 Ford Focus

    im nt quite sure how the fire started however everything under the dash has been replaced, ecu and all the start gear was replaced, everything else seems to be working, i.e. headunit , lights, heaters ive checked the fuse box, everything electrical and all seems fine
  9. hii all, i have a ford focus 1.6 tdci mk2 on a 2010 plate, the car had a under dash fire and previous owner changed the wiring loom, ecu, key and ignition barrel the issue is ... the immobilizer light is flashing when ignition is on, car is not communicating with diagnostic scanners. the car does not turn over at all, and displays the following on the lcd display 'Transmission Failure' ( the car is manual) we've checked all fuses, relays and wiring plugs with no issues to report.. just wondering if anyone on here can help me solve the problem... thanks in advanced