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  1. That magnetic colour does look very nice....white would be my choice though.
  2. I'm considering one although I'm really happy with my Cooper S at present........agree with Dark Knight's review as when I test drove the ST in May I didn't think it was as responsive as my S but with the Mountune kit fitted it would be a different animal I suspect. That said, we do have a beautiful Fiesta 1.0 125bhp Titanium X in frozen white (my wife's car) and that is a real joy to drive; lovely comfortable seats, no road tax, cheap insurance and even though Janet only drives a handful of miles to work and back most of the time with the air-conditioning on, it's still returning nearly 40mpg which will get better (hopefully depending on how much she likes the loud pedal) as the car has only done 500 miles!
  3. My Cooper S has this shift indicator but it will adjust to the way you drive ie if you drive conservatively it will light up all the time but if you give it some beans (which it loves!) then it will only light up at red line revs........
  4. Well guys, I'm a production controller for a well known aerospace manufacturing company; been there 15 years and loved every minute of it! Keeps me out of trouble with SWMBO..............!
  5. Good choice.....mine is also for my wife as I have my Cooper S as a plaything!! She wanted the bodykit but for some reason they don't offer it on the X and that was the one she fell in love with so I just had bigger wheels etc for her. Whereabouts in Leicestershire are you?
  6. I've just ordered a titanium x fiesta 125 as a replacement for my wife's Sportka which means my ST will have to wait a couple of months now! That said, it'll give me time to save up an extra £600 for the Mountune mods too.......
  7. Looking good.......maybe I'll consider getting a white ST later this year....
  8. I've just ordered a Fiesta 1.0 125 Titanium X in frozen white with 17" alloys, spare wheel and front / rear parking sensors......I was lucky as there was one already built just waiting for a home so I should have it in 2-3 weeks! I'll be watching this thread with interest now......
  9. Very nice......I'm stuck between 2 colours......frozen white or that beautifully stunning spirit blue!
  10. Personally I'd go with the white as the black wheels look stunning on a white car! White is timeless and not such a pain to keep clean either!
  11. Could it be that the second USB socket is purely for software updates? Reason I ask is that's the case on my current car (Cooper S) because I went through the same saga as you guys only to find that out........
  12. Great little cars aren't they? I often drive my wife's Sportka as it handles just like a go cart and has its own little personality!!
  13. Good morning and welcome! Bet you are really really excited...........
  14. I have DDS on my current car (Cooper S) and it works in a similar way...............just mulling over ordering a new ST2 with all the toys though!
  15. How do you find it on fuel? I'm thinking about the 180 bhp Titanium X but curious on power and economy etc......
  16. I've got the S1600 134bhp and I average 40 mpg to work and back which is a mixture of town and country roads but on a run down south last Sunday I got 49mpg for mainly motorway driving........well impressed with that! Car's only done 8000 miles so it'll improve slightly as the engine gets a bit looser.......who needs a oil burner with mpg like that!!!
  17. hedgepig

    New Car

    Glad to see that you've picked the very best colour........ :P Seriously though, the car looks the business! B)
  18. Good afternoon and welcome Malc. Good choice of car; as you can see I have the S1600(134) which was a limited edition run of 500. Not long after I'd ordered mine Ford decided to launch the "metal" version which, I think, looks awesome in black and white. Still, I wasn't about to change mine just for cosmetics as the running gear and engine's identical! B)
  19. Is your phone compatible to the car?
  20. I've got the S1600 134 bhp and I'm averaging 43 mpg at present although it should improve slightly as it's only done 2500 miles!
  21. Likewise, one of the reasons I chose the S1600 was that it is a limited edition.......picking it up on Saturday morning! In the best colour (white of course).......guys I'm back!!!
  22. The best I could get out of my titanium X 1.6 petrol was a steady 39 mpg on the 12 mile commute to work but I could get 43ish on longer runs. Now the best I get out of my beast is 28ish commuting and 32ish on a run; still, I didn't buy it for economy but you got to wonder how much more we're going to have to pay for fuel......
  23. Have you chosen a petrol or a diesel one?
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