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  1. Sony Dab Aerial

    Hi, I recently purchased a Sony DAB head unit to replace the non DAB version of the same unit in my 2008 1.8 TDCI focus titanium. I was told it was taken from a 2010 focus and so far it works perfectly with my Bluetooth module, stalk etc. I understand that I need to replace the aerial mast and base ( which I am in the process of organising ) however when the Sony DAB arrived it only has the standard aerial connection. I expected the unit to have an FM and separate DAB connection. it is a DAB mp3 CD unit ( similar age to the original factor fitted unit ( 2007 date) and has the DAB marking on the faceplate. I have it fitted and can access FM perfectly. My problem is I am unable to find any way to search for digital stations. Does the functionality depend on a DAB compatible aerial being fitted and did ford fit units that shared FM and DAB via one single connection to the head unit? Thanks in advance Stu
  2. Morning guys, Driving home last night I managed to get a decent chip / crack in my front screen. I've never had anything this bad before and although it's on the passenger side and not within my line of vision it's just about at the limits of what most advise for injection; not to mention annoying! I'm aware that the heated screens are fairly expensive, plus I also have auto lights / wipers. Therefore I'm looking for advice - Repair for free or get the screen replaced for £70? I'm not bothered either way, but considering the screen has gained a few small chips during the time Ive owned it, it's probably worth replacing. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks Stu
  3. Hi, I recently started to hear a whoosh when hitting 2K. With no loss of performance I suspected a tear in the right angled hose leading to the turbo from the intercooler. On my first inspection all looked OK. However, after looking closer I could see a concentrated amount of oil / general crap towards the rear of the turbo. I reached back and found a large tear / crack in the pipe just before the jubilee clip. I'm going to replace it with a silicone version, but while I'm at it I though it wise to ask for any basic cleaing tips while the hose is off, or any general hints and tips? I'm pretty hands on and can see what needs to be done. While I'm at it I may also clean and blank the EGR - any tips for cleaning? Full removal? Thanks in advance. Stu
  4. Not a thing. I know from my own research that others have fitted the blanking plate to the 1.8 TDCi and it's been fine. If any errors are thrown up they can be cleared, but so far all positive. Throttle response is better, boost and overall power through all gears increased - simply a nicer, more enjoyable driving experience. I was always aprehensive pulling away from lights as the car could / would labour in certain weather conditions, cold starts, low fuel level - no longer. Do it... worse that could happen is you may decide to remove. Stu
  5. I'm the other way round. Hands are too big, bang my head on the bonnet and when it comes to cleaning the wheels I've bought one of those little steps to sit on as it plays he'll with my knees. It's all good fun :)
  6. ha ha .... I didnt get on much better. One dropped 8mm sapnner, sliced the end of my finger opened and got the elbow on only to discover it was slightly too long (hence the trimming). Good to know its a tight fit though! My brother was helping me - imagine to two giants (i'm 6'7 and 18 stone / he's 6'4" and 18 stone) wrestling with a silicone elbow and the metal straight :) Just a full set of discs and a bleed to complete now ;) Stu
  7. :) exactly what I fitted. Needed to trim it a little to get a perfect fit. But good quality and snug fit. Stu
  8. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I tackled the pipe / elbow replacement and EGR blanking this past weekend and all went well.... Well apart from a dropped spanner. Thankfully I had my bro to assist and we managed to recover it without having to remove the under tray. Gave the EGR valve a clean with Wynns EGR3, which I know attracts positive and negative opinions. In my experience it worked well, although not much crap came out, probably because I regularly boot it :) The EGR blank has been well worth it and the car is running sweetly :) I would recommend it wholeheartedly Stu
  9. Why Does My Temp Gauge Read -57C

    This happens to my car when the battery is disconnected. After a few hours (or over night) it returns to normal. I assume its just a case of it self recalibration. Unless it stays that way for a few days I wouldn't be overly worried. Stu
  10. Audio Fuse Blown

    Probably also a good idea to disconnect the battery next time ;) Although this doesn't apply here, make sure you have your radio code if replacing the same unit.
  11. At 6'7" and 18.5 stone (lean) I'm consider by most people as 'huge'. I've owned my Focus for the past 18 months and typically drive 50 miles a day commuting to and from work. While I don't suffer from any back issues I do find it hard work on my ankles as I have a 37 inch inside leg and size 13 feet. As mentioned above, raising the seat from the lowest position and playing the reach and rake of the steering wheel has helped. I find that by not having the wheel pushed all the way in (further away) allows a small amount of bend in my arms which is much more natural, doesn't force the elbows to lock out and reduces strain on the shoulders / upper and lower back. If I were doing more miles I would get a bigger car, but for now it suits me fine. Stu
  12. Morning guys, A couple of months back I made a trip down to Lincoln with my other half (from Carlisle). This was the first long trip of the year for the Focus. Typically I do 50 - 60 miles a day and average 1000 miles a month. During the trip down my other half was driving and I told her to give it some 'welly' when overtaking a lorry on the A1(M). While doing so she said 'The cars shaking.... :( ' I replied with 'don't be silly' as I couldn't feel, see of hear anything. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago I started to notice that when I attempted to accelerate hard in 3rd / 4th the engine started to feel lumpy and drop off around 3 - 3.5k revs. The shaking she was referring to was feedback through the accelerator pedal / low levels of hesitation. This morning I gave the car a good thrashing on the way to work (rural A road) and could still feel the problem. In 1st, 2nd (with normal turbo boosting at 2k revs) and any other gear at normal driving speeds (with normal acceleration) the cars is fine and I've not received any engine malfunction lights. I've not had chance to read any codes yet, but I'm thinking it could be the fuel filter? I purchased the car February 2012 and was told at the time the car had been serviced (national dealer) when I checked the air filter a few weeks later it was filthy. Considering this is a 2008 car it looked like the original filter (which didn't fill me with confidence). I purchased the car with lower than average miles for the age and it appeared to have missed a service. I had a service (oil and filter change) last October, which was done by a prestigious car dealer as a mates wife is service manager. To be fair I only asked for an oil change and the experience was great (they treated my car like a top end motor rather than a lowly Ford) but thinking back I'm now convinced the fuel filter is overdue renewal as I've never done it. Do this sound right to any of you? I'm thinking a filter change and for good measure I'll chuck in a tin of BG244. Any advice gratefully received. Stu
  13. Thanks Clive. I was fairly convinced but with lack of the right tools (pump) and most importantly free time, I wanted to rule out any other possibility (although it may well be something else) On the drive up to Edinburgh last night I didn't experience the same problems. But to be fair, I drive a little differently on my own / without a load ;). My uncle is an ex Ford tech and now works in hydraulics. I'll see if he will hold my hand while I do the swap. Thanks Stu
  14. You're right, but I'm now in Edinburgh for a few days and couldn't have the car off the road. When I get back and can work out a car swap with my misses on her day off I'll leave it at the garage and get them to check. Stu
  15. Making The Focus More Sporty.

    *EDIT* artscot79 just beat me to it ;) I think the reference to tinted glass all round is slightly darker colouring that the glass has. I know my front aren't completely clear. Here's a bigger version of my avatar. Although not a clear shot, it does make the car look mean ;)
  16. Making The Focus More Sporty.

    Tints are not standard on any Titanium model (MK2 - 2.5). My MK2.5 does have factory tints but this was part of the sport pack (inc. 18 inch alloys). I also have BT and VC which are also an extra and not fitted from factory. The only thing it lacks it leather seats. From an ETIS check you can find out if you car came equipped with tints. This will be noted under 'minor features' (drop down list) as With Privacy Glass https://www.etis.ford.com/vehicleRegSelector.do * to look up by reg number ensure you select 'United Kingdom' from the preferences page (https://www.etis.ford.com/options.do) also found via the home page top nav. Stu
  17. Replacement arranged. Just waiting for the call back to give me a time. I appreciate others may come along with differing opinions, but thought a post like this might be useful for other Focus owners who are unsure. Stu
  18. Thanks I was going off the scale a lot of the big screen places use, but felt that this was on the large size. Being a bit OCD I would never be happy with a repair :) Stu
  19. Great thread - very tempted to take a look at a Titanium X Sport ;)
  20. Update: Driving to work this morning I heard the familiar sound of the information alter 'bing'. The messaged displayed was ' Check Tyre Pressure' Great :) I had enabled this weeks ago and had expected something to happen sooner. I was starting to think it wasn't working. I'll check my tyres tonight and see how many PSI's I've lost in order to generate the warning. Update of update: So on checking they were down around 10 PSI - admittedly I haven't checked them for a while in the hope the sensor would pick up the air loss and the error message would be displayed. Just goes to prove it does work by enabling using this guide. My wheels are 18's which I run at 33 PSI Stu
  21. Fitted St Bumper :)

    Looks great - did you have to get it painted? BTW - what sort of impact have the mods made to your insurance? Stu
  22. Take a look at this thread: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/30008-guide-fitting-cruise-control-focus-mk2-mk25-and-ford-c-max/ It covers the requirements for retro fitting CC and the checks you need to go through before you start. You can then use your cable to enable - in some case though it may still involve a trip to your local dealer. Read the thread to get a better idea. Stu
  23. I think it's 5 degrees - the car was reading 3 this morning and worked fine. Plenty of ice on the front and rear screens. I'm unsure whether this value can be changed without looking. Someone may be able to advise. Stu
  24. Update: First cold morning since I enable auto heated front and rear screens - it works! :D
  25. Feature Check?

    That's funny - when I do a check on the Etis site it correctly states that I have heated washer jets....