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  1. Mk7 Rear Taillight Removal

    Had a look around couldn't find any clues. Tried to remove the rear taillight using the 2 screws seen when the boot is open. Is there any screws/clips I need to access if so where any pics would be helpful. Thanks John
  2. Pats Programming Ford

    Thanks all for the hints. I'll first try the auto locksmith to see if they can program the 3rd key. If not then I have no choice but to see my dealer.
  3. Pats Programming Ford

    I have 2 of the original keys (1 is a remote fob, 2nd is just a chip key no remote). So I wanted a 2nd fob ordered the same model number three button remote. When I plug in the new key into the engine the red light is flashing rapidly. Even if I try to attempt to program the 3rd key to PATS, it's not accepted. So my only theory is that the new cars have this option disabled to add your own spare keys. I'm due for a free service shortly so I will ask them if they don't mind programming my third key. Only reason I didn't want to go through the dealership is they were wanting to charge a high price to obtain a third fob and program. The other reason is that perhaps the transponder chip is different. I might take it to the same locksmith who cut my spare key to check what type of chip it is. (The fob key model numbers are both identical though). Another hint is that in my car manual guide, it doesn't have any guidelines to program PATS it mentions to contact the dealer in this case. Perhaps it's because mine just a standard model as well and only came with 1 remote FOB. The manual guide does mention how to program the RKE (so I can use the key to unlock/lock doors). Thanks for your help
  4. Pats Programming Ford

    Hi all, Got a Ford Fiesta 2011 and trying to program a 3rd spare key. Unfortuantely when I plug in the third key, the red led flashes continously. Any ideas I've tried to program the PATS with the 3rd key but it won't accept it. Anyone has issues before trying to program the 3rd key? Thanks John
  5. Fitting Parking Sensors To Fiesta Mk7

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and came by this post. I've bought the ParkingDyanmics PD1 kit and wondering does anyone have the cable colour I need to connect the red cable into ? My assumpion was that the black cable went to the earth point. However someone posted that: The black wire from the sensor goes to the blue and black wire on the lamp cluster and the red wire goes to the blue. Can someone please advise the colour code? Do I have to mount the sensor onto the earth point or I can connect to an earth connection instead? Regards, John