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  1. Rear Drivers Side Knocking

    How hard is it to change the rear sub bush's?
  2. get both of you wheels off floor,get some one to hold steering wheel and move the wheel putting your hands in different positions on the wheel like 10 past 7 and 20 past 11.. see if there is any play in it, if there is it will be easy to find the problem whist wheels off floor...cant see it been powersteering if its working ok at other speeds
  3. Rear Drivers Side Knocking

    got round doing it today changed both the shocks,springs and struts, but the banging noise is still there seems its getting worse im totally lost now, been under car all weekend looking, all bush's are ok every thing seems ok, but cant get it to make that noise whilst not moving. It does sound like the bang is coming from under the boot floor near the wheel arch drivers side so maybe its the rear subframe..also i have noticed the car bounces.... well its hard to explain... more like moves sideways...say im going round a corner and hit a grate, or pothole. you can feel the rear has just moved sideways and swing back to the otherside like a wobble but sideways lol dont no if thats just mondeo's but never had a car do that before
  4. Changing Part Of Dash

    i have a 03 mondeo ghia x, so have the the old digital Climate Control and middle dash part what came with the ghia x's.. can i change it all for the new version (53-07) just the middle bit heater controls, radio, and the part with the hazard buttons i just need to no if its a straight swap. i no i will after take the buttons to and maybe the heater bottons thanks
  5. Bhp Unknown New Car

    Thanks i found the bhp she got the faster of the 2 versions
  6. Bhp Unknown New Car

    Other half bought a 2011 plate fiesta edge this morning, so what im wanting to no is... how do i find what BHP version i have? as i think you can get 2 different engines versions in the 1.25 cc engine, looked on logbook, in engine and inside door, even fuel cap but cant find the Hp , my mondeo diesel tells me the Bhp version in engine bay, so i just thought fords tell you somewhere on the car. Also how can i reset the bluetooth? all the old numbers and connections are still there from the old owner Thanks
  7. Rear Drivers Side Knocking

    work called me in Saturday. so didnt get the part to sunday, wasnt goin to risk fixing it just in case i broke a bolt or something has i had work at 5am..so going to to do it this Saturday hopefully i get the weekend off to sort it
  8. Rear Drivers Side Knocking

    i think im going to have alook at my strut on weekend plenty of mondeos diesels in scrappy. going to get all the unit off in one so i dont after mess with spring (never have since i seen one hit someone in nose didnt look pretty) anyhows i will tell you if it cures the problem when i have refitted it
  9. i keep getting a knock like a bang from the rear drivers side, sounds like its coming from above the wheel or boot floor (maybe its a strut) i dont no, but it sounds like its getting worse every time i go over a speed bump, road grate... even when i brake it knocks,i have checked every thing, the springs under the car there only 5 months old, even changed the exhaust thinking it was that took every thing out of the boot spare tyre and tools drove it..Knock still there, took the rear wheel off cant find nothing even after jumping up and down to make the noise again still cant find the loud knock.. Only thing i can think it could be is the strut. would that make a loud bang?
  10. Ac Clutch Not Engaging.

    The rad fan is working comes on when i press the ac. And when you turn the engine off,you hear the fan dieing down
  11. Ac Clutch Not Engaging.

    Thanks hope it is quite normal, its just that my vauxhall insignia cdti Ac clutch stays active and dosnt go off every 3 secs.. so just thought i had a problem.i get too paranoid over things i do lol
  12. Ac Clutch Not Engaging.

  13. Ac Clutch Not Engaging.

    i filled it up now with gas, now the clutch is engaging for a few secs, turning off for a sec, then engaging for a few... keeps doin it, is that normal?
  14. Ac Clutch Not Engaging.

    so if it thinks it low in gas it will not engage
  15. My Ac clutch isnt angaging when i press the Ac button in the car so no cold air, i check the gas with halfords ac gauge reader and its half full still any ideas how i could fix this?, i havent drove the car since checking it (has its been to hot), i have check all fuse's in engine bay all seem to be ok but i havent drove the car for a while only checked it when it was idle.. would i after be driving it for the ac clutch to engage?