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  1. You need to have some brackets made up for it, and most likeley 10-15mm spacers depending on what alloys you have.
  2. Get an ITG induction kit and you'll hear flutter all day.
  3. Get them to take it to a body shop, if it's around your excess price for the quote then just pay for the repair.
  4. ST back box does a fair job and can normally be picked up cheap from people who have upgraded theirs, can usually pick them up for 50-80 quid.
  5. I had them in my old Zetec S; the light looks good but the spread on them is worse than Halogen. Reason is a bulb has a 360 degree light output, these are around 200 max. EDIT: This kit looks to have an even lower output angle if honest than what I had.
  6. I decided to drive into a giant huge pillar like a complete prat in my last curtsey car. Even had parking sensors on the front... Sort of wish I'd taken the footage off my dashcam before it wrote over it as a memento :(
  7. My ST was already reserved before I even bought it :P I had 4 days to wait from ordering, my dealer had a delivery of 7 of them in on the same day :P
  8. It's Evans Halshaw in Bury, the MD is taking it on personally on Monday but it still leaves me without my car for 10 days -.-
  9. I have to admit I feel like reenacting a scene out of GTA 5 where Michael makes Franklin drive a car through the front of the car dealership...
  10. I have a lot of base layers due to my degree I've just completed (very outdoorsy and often pretty chilly) and could never tell really, they're hidden by most t-shirts really. Depends on the style, but go for tight fit stuff or it's pointless, you'll just sweat as it'll probably be thicker stuff which will turn cold due to freezing of the water.
  11. Well today has had me pretty much finally snap with my dealer after a 3 month battle with them over reversing sensors on my ST. Basically when I went to pick the car up I noticed that the sensors were the complete wrong colour for the car, my car is Spirit Blue and they'd used Deep Impact Blue instead on the sensors, so this had the car going in a week in for a day to have them re-painted, with the excuse that they didn't have any paint available at the time and they had to paint them in something. Seemed like an odd excuse but fair enough no argument. So I go to pick up the car and notice the paint is still not right, this time the excuse was that they couldn't get the paint mix correct and would have to have it back again so they could have another go, unhappy at this but fine whatever, I'll give them one more go (third time lucky or something I hoped...). So back it went again to have this re-done and guess what, STILL not a good match on the bumper colour, to which the service manager wanted my car for a week for them to do the job properly which I was hugely against because it was obvious they were going to flash it in to the bumper leaving me with an effectively 'repaired' bumper. So this was the third time this car had been in now, and the next time it went in I said the sensors needed looking at because they had never worked properly and they beeped continuously whilst in reverse, it also needed checking for an engine fault after going into limp and showing the service light. They said there was nothing wrong with the sensors (or the engine which is no surprise). So I went away annoyed, and then all of a sudden next day the same thing with the sensors happens again and so once more it gets booked in. It is this time that finally they find that the sensors don't work, however it took me taking the car back, going into the car park and doing the fault myself that they finally admitted there was an issue - their technician that morning found nothing wrong somehow. So after making 2 trips in the same day they finally found the fault, which marked the end of visit number 5. Visit number 6 should have been the best, they replaced everything with the sensors and found 2 were faulty at lower voltages (i.e. when cold), so I went to my bumper and actually felt like smacking my head off the floor. Some absolute buffoon had used a screwdriver to remove the sensors and the paint was chipped and bits of plastic had been gouged out from the bumper. So this leaves us now onto visit number 7 which they were to inspect it and get it booked in to be repaired and the service manager was taking this on personally; but somehow he decided to listen to his technician who said some touch-up paint would sort the issue out, and he never looked to see. So I get back and even though I didn't expect it repaired, was beyond words that the same person who damaged the bumper tried to fob me off with touch-up paint; sure it was no longer showing bare plastic but it still had lumps missing out of the bumper at each sensor point. So by this point Ford have had my car for 8 days in total, when the service manager says enough is enough, leave the car with them for a week and they will get it to the body shop to have the repair done properly once and for all, as well as look at the engine as the light had been on again and gone into limp mode. This was this Monday just gone. I ring up on Wednesday as I was told there was a chance that the car may be ready by mid-week but leave it with them until the Friday in case; I was told the car is in Burnley where the body shop is. Oh no, I get a phone call this morning apologising that they would need it another week as the car had been sat in their car park since Monday and had gone nowhere as the body shop had been too busy to do my car, at which point I went practically nuclear and told them under no circumstance does that car leave the dealership at all. My dad rings them too to find out what the heck is going on and finds that at 3 (baring in mind I told them at half 10 not to move the car) the car is now on it's way to the body shop, so we go down when I finish work for half 3 smelling one huge rat. So now, after the car has been down there for 5 days (bringing it to a total of 13) they're going to want it for 10 next time, as the engine fault hadn't been looked at and the paint hasn't been done, so 5 for the paint and 5 for the engine fault. It's now booked in for next Monday so I spend yet another stint with a courtesy car that is absolutely horrible; it's a 1.0 Ecosport that is more expensive to run than my ST... But wait I hear you say, surely there's more?! You'd be right! The car is brought back to me this evening as the mechanic who had dropped it off had to go get it back and there was the rat, sat on my left front wing - a nice group of scrapes and scratches, along with chips on the bumper nearby. That is why the car was sent off to body shop in such a hurry hoping I'd keep the God awful courtesy car for God knows how long more instead of getting the car back. Got the service manager on the phone (who must have been happy seeing he was at home) and he said, 'Oh we'll paint it when it's in the body shop.' Now that is the end of the story as of now, but I'm not leaving it all just to get sorted and then let it go. I'm not happy whatsoever that by the time it's finished, if it's finished next time, I'll have had the car for 3 months and the car has been with the dealer for 23 days of that time, so almost a third. As well as this, I'll have a repaired rear bumper, front wing and front bumper because of them damaging it after I have taken delivery because of their incompetence. I'm going to be writing to Ford about this, but do you guys think perhaps contacting trading standards as well? I love the car don't get me wrong, it's amazing, but the service I've had after buying it is beyond shocking. I can't fault the salesman as he's always been great (our family has had now 5 cars from him and soon to be 6th), and the people on the service desk are great too as when I've dealt with them they've always been upfront and honest about things, but beyond that desk Jesus Christ... I know I don't probably get worst dealership experience ever here, but it's quite the shocker for sure... Will upload pictures tomorrow of what I can :P
  12. If you're running a turbo high performance car i.e. an ST of either the petrol or diesel variants, then the 99RON or premium diesel's are worth it. In the petrol's it's 99 octane vs. 95 octane; it will make a difference. There's a reason that engines are tuned to a specific octane value when you go for a custom remap and it's because it does make a difference. The ECU will get used to which fuel it is being supplied with over a couple of tanks and then run accordingly. However the difference in non-performance cars is that small it is not worth using.
  13. I use a NextBase 402g, GPS, G sensor, movement sensor, turns off when battery drops and only paid £70 for it :P
  14. I've gained about 5... Could be because it's run-in now though :P
  15. I have Nightbreakers and came from HIDs, they're not as bright but as far as an off the shelf and legal e marked bulb goes, they're about the best.
  16. My insurance went down by about £120 for having a dash cam, I did notice when ringing round some don't care about dash cams, while some want the bigger named brands rather than ones off ebay or adapted cameras such as the Mobius option some have. Swiftcover offer the best discount and are happy with any camera regardless of make.
  17. Had this one last night... What you don't see is he indicated right earlier on despite there being no right turns at all on this road until well past the incident. This is on an almost blind bend and hill in 1 go in the middle of a 60 zone and he slows down and then brakes down to 10mph... Ridiculous - as you can hear by the comments :P Some choice language so mute if you're easily offended!
  18. Seems the 202 I have at the moment on loan (from mum) does indeed allow to turn the screen off which is good, that's one down :P
  19. Hey folks, I have 2 questions that I feel with the amount of dashcams running about someone should be able to help me with! I'm looking for a dash cam that is good enough to pick out a good level of detail through tinted glass, it's for the back of my car and I have factory tint's so nothing too dark but I feel may be dark enough to cause an issue or two. So question 1 is does anyone have any recommendations? I'm not wanting to go too pricey as it's a rear cam and not as important as the front (of which I have a Nextbase 402G which is a brilliant dashcam to say the least!), but then I do want a decent picture so has to be of a minimum 720p obviously; though it doesn't need features such as GPS and the like as the 402G has me covered there. Second question is are there any drawbacks from having 2 dash cams powered through the same power outlet? I run my front cam to the rear outlet as seeing I didn't notice that I had one for 3 years in my previous Fiesta (and probably the 18 months of the one previous to that) then I feel it may as well; however I'd run the second from the same spot too most likely. Also a sneaky third question - anyone got any ideas for blanking off the screen temporarily? I want one with a screen for ease of use, but I don't want a tiny view of what's going on behind me being a pain in low light :P Thanks guys!
  20. I can vouch for the 402; got mine for £80 and couldn't be happier.
  21. I've hit 52.5 in my ST on an 80 mile journey, so if you drive well I'm sure the 1.0 will be as good if not better.
  22. My parents both got 202's from Halfords in the sale and I have a 402 myself, good bits of kit.
  23. Perhaps a sensor with an accelerometer in. The engine doesn't know what gear it's in anyway so it'd be pointless hooking it up to the ECU. Does seem kinda pointless and a little gimmicky. Kinda looks like something Halfords would sell for £30.
  24. Where do I even start with this one... Two idiots stopped on a green light with hazards going, the taxi then pulls round the corner going at literally 2 miles an hour as the light goes red, so I go across and the other car decides to go through the red?! Taxi driver literally won't shift and as I pull round he's on his phone and waving his arms around... I cut off at the point where a verbal exchange was given, as I wanted to leave on the sound of the ST :P Morons to say the least...
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