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  1. Thanks for the reply. The CD is basically knackered then, from what you say. eBay here I come. Ford can tickle themselves for £300. Release button.: agree about the fuse and it's hidden location. I'll try and locate the release motor. The button makes no sound at all - probably shy. I could just do without both, I suppose. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/style...ault/unsure.gif
  2. I bought a 2005 1.4 TDCi in September. Generally fine but two problems need attention. I was wondering if any member has had similar experiences and can provide valuable knowledge of the likely cause and most importantly COST of repair That is, whether I would have to go to a Ford dealer or can go elsewhere to save dosh in these credit crunched times. 1. The boot release button on the dashboard doesn't work. Remote and key unlock are fine. 2. RDS E.O.N. 4500 CD Error Code 83 - relates to CD ejection - it doesn't. No sound of the mechanism working at all. Plays fine. This problem has £££££'s written all over it. I believe these units are a 100% nightmare to remove. Might this be an eBay replacement? Priority would be the 4500 situation Any observations are very welcome and gratefully acknowledged in advance Thanks very much for reading this. Salisbury, Wiltshire