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    Steering Setups

    It,s not only on the sport, I have it on my 2009 1.8 petrol Titanium, it only effects the steering but it is difficult to detect any difference between the 3 settings.
  2. NorthSussex

    Removal Of Sticky Residue On Dash.

    "isopropyl alcohol" will remove sticky residue. Google it for a supplier.
  3. AVG free version works fine on the Nexus 7. No virus in 10 months of use.
  4. Talk to friends for recommendations, generally the local independent dealer is the best, they have a reputation to maintain.
  5. NorthSussex

    £100 Per Hour Labour, I Must Be Out Of Touch?

    I thought that my local plumber was having a laugh when he quoted me £70 per hour, but £100 an hour from the garage is really taking the wee wee. I think I chose the wrong profession.
  6. NorthSussex

    Possible Damage From Bird Lime

    I have a patch of bird dropping damage on the passenger door about the size of a 50p, I have tried everything to remove it, but as it's below the top coat all has failed, it was on the car when I, bought it and as the previous owner lived on the coast I bet it was a Gull, the garage was also unable to remove it, so a £300 discount for the paint damage, now waiting for a minor shunt on that door and an insurance respray, sods law that door will lead a protected life. Good luck with your attempt to remove the stain. I will follow this thread wit interest just in case some clever Trevor find the answer and brings back the shine.
  7. NorthSussex

    Advice Needed

    There is a possibility that he was not insured, therefore he's keeping his head down. If you have his registration you can check on the net if that vehicle is insured.
  8. NorthSussex

    The Cost Of A Motoring Conviction.

    The cost of a motoring conviction on top of the fine and points. The figures in the table below are based on a test quote we ran for a 30-year-old female marketing manager living in Cardiff and driving a 2003 Mini Cooper.With an annual mileage of 6,000, five years' no-claims discount, and the car parked on a driveway when not in use, she would pay £682 a year for cover. Top 10 motoring convictions % increase in car insurance premium after conviction How much car insurance increased by after conviction 1. SP30 - Exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road 34% £231 2. CU80 - Use of a hand-held device whilst driving 49% £337 3. TS10 - Failing to comply with traffic light signals 24% £162 4. SP50 - Exceeding speed limit on a motorway 34% £231 5. IN10 - Using a vehicle uninsured against third party risks 131% £896 6. DR10 - Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit 115% £782 7. CD10 - Driving without due care and attention 51% £346 8. LC20 - Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence 49% £331 9. CU30 - Using a vehicle with defective tyre 69% £471 10. SP40 - Exceeding passenger vehicle speed limit 34% £231 This table is based on customers who obtained a car insurance quote between October and December 2012, with motoring convictions in the last five years prior to the date of the quote.
  9. NorthSussex

    The Cost Of A Motoring Conviction.

    10% but no + 2 mph any more.
  10. NorthSussex

    The Cost Of A Motoring Conviction.

    Mobile speed cameras are never positioned so that if a motorist were to brake suddenly upon seeing the camera it would cause a collision, therefore they are usually located on a striate piece of road with a constant speed limit. No excuses for exceeding the speed limit. :)
  11. NorthSussex

    99 Focus, Central Locking Knackered!

    I had a 1999 Mondeo with the same problem, water in the electrics was the problem. I got shot of it at 12 years old as it was leaking like a sieve. Happy bunny now with a water tight Focus. :)
  12. NorthSussex

    The Cost Of A Motoring Conviction.

    For those concerned with drifting over the speed limit, try setting your satnav to beep when you exceed 3 mph over the limit, it works wonders in keeping you to the limit, but don't rely on it all the time as the map speed limits are not always up to date, so use the eyes as well.
  13. NorthSussex

    The Cost Of A Motoring Conviction.

    The extra insurance premium is levied every year for the next 5 to 10 years depending on the insurance company. Drive carefully.
  14. NorthSussex

    1.0 Ecoboost

    That's poor MPG, hopefully it will get better when it's run in, my 1.8 petrol 125ps gets 37mpg average and 40mpg on a long run.
  15. NorthSussex

    Bike Carrier

    Yes there's not an ideal carrier. Write down the pros and cons of each type including the total cost, then take the plunge. good biking weather is just weeks away hopefully.
  16. NorthSussex

    Bike Carrier

    The reason I went for the boot mounted carrier was that many car parks have height restrictions, particularly where I cycle, this means that you have to de-mount the bikes before entering the car park. Getting it right can be a bit of a bummer.
  17. NorthSussex

    Normal Idle Car Rev Count Of Ford Focus Mk 2.5

    Yep, same as my 2009 1.8 petrol.
  18. NorthSussex

    Bike Carrier

    We didn't doubt that you were lovely, I am sure the dogs would agree. ;)
  19. NorthSussex

    Bike Carrier

    Never! Just trying to smooth things along and let refdt know we are nice people.
  20. NorthSussex

    Bike Carrier

    I was given the rack and it doesn't have a name on it unfortunately. If you look at my gallery pictures you can see the rack it doesn't cover the lights but it does obscure the number plate, I hang an extra number plate on the bikes, it is unlit but most police units wont give you a tug because you have made an attempt to comply with the law, that's providing you haven't made any another traffic violation. I'm sure even Stoney wouldn't pull you over.
  21. NorthSussex

    Bike Carrier

    I use a similar rack on my Focus estate carrying 2 mountain bikes, no problem. Not suitable if you have a rear plastic spoiler.
  22. I have just done a comparison over the last 4 weeks using first, 2 full tanks of Supermarket petrol, then 2 full tanks of Shell V Power petrol, in a 2009 1.8 litre petrol Focus Estate, driving over the same routes, with the same loads and in similar weather conditions, only driving on A&B roads, no Motorways. Not particularly scientific test, but a real world test. Supermarket petrol @ £1.40 per Litre giving 36.7 Mpg = £0.17.3 p per mile. Shell V Power petrol @ £1.48 per Litre giving 38.9 Mpg = £0.17.41 p per mile. A 6% increase in cost and a 6% increase in MPG using V Power, and very similar costs per mile for both fuels. I could not detect any difference in performance between the 2 fuels, but I do have a very light foot. My conclusion is; it’s only worth using the more expensive fuel if you can get it for less than a 6% premium or you believe the marketing hype saying it’s better for your engine. There may be different results with a diesel engine and Diesel Power. Has anybody done a similar test and obtained different results?
  23. NorthSussex

    Heated Washer Jets

    Yes that is correct.
  24. NorthSussex

    Heated Washer Jets

    Lift the bonnet and have a look to see if there is wiring going to the jets, if there is they are heated.
  25. Rattles are one of the most difficult things to locate due to sounds bouncing of hard surfaces like the windscreen. Get a passenger to try to pin point the rattle for you, don't try to do it yourself whilst driving.