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    Idiots Back?

    Having looked at today's posts, some post look like we may have 1 or 2 idiots posting again. No Names. Moderators please keep an eye out. -_-
  2. NorthSussex

    Hello From Devon

    Hi Adam, welcome. :)
  3. NorthSussex

    Idiots Back?

    I was thinking more along the lines of plugging into the national grid. :D
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    Hi Abi. :)
  5. NorthSussex

    A Little Advice Please???

    You need to check that the under-tray is still on the car, sometimes the garage doesn't bother to refit it after a service. Even if it's not on the car, it's unlikely that you could have a stone cause damage twice.
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    Brand New Member

    Welcome to the forum. :)
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    Resetting Mpg Display On New Shape Fiesta

    Most re-settings on the computer require the button to be held in for 5+ seconds before a change takes place.
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    Fiesta Or Corsa???

    It's a Ford forum, so the answer you will get is; get the Fiesta! but it is the right answer, Vauxhalls suck, just ask JC on Top Gear. :)
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    Idiots Back?

    Yep. :D
  10. Now back to the original post. How Many Miles To Be Regarded A High Mileage. Sorry for derailing it. ;)
  11. Thanks for that link, I had missed that post. Very interesting and a valid reason to return to Ford and a larger car. I hope you soon get all the teething problems with the Cmax sorted and you enjoy it as much as the Ceed.
  12. NorthSussex

    Abs/brake Problem?

    It's the same on all cars with ABS, it's doing what it's supposed to do, pumping the brakes off and on rapidly to give you a shorter braking distance without the wheels locking up and allowing you still steer the car under control.
  13. NorthSussex

    Idiots Back?

    He needs jump leads clipped across his tender bits. :P
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    Welcome to the forum, the best on the net. :)
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    Idiots Back?

    Well done mods. Quickly sorted. :)
  16. NorthSussex

    Idiots Back?

    It looks like he's been flushed out.
  17. NorthSussex

    Idiots Back?

    Could well be. He needs to get a life.
  18. NorthSussex

    Idiots Back?

    I never doubted that.
  19. NorthSussex

    Idiots Back?

    MAGIC! <_<
  20. NorthSussex

    Idiots Back?

    What have you been posting that made you think I was referring to you?. Have you been a naughty boy? :D
  21. If yours is a chain cam then it not so urgent.
  22. Defiantly get the belt replaced urgently as a timing belt kit, it's on borrowed time and will be very very expensive if it fails.
  23. NorthSussex

    Nightmare - Major Advice Needed!

    I wouldn't say that just because you had a faulty battery that you have a bad car; 1 week after buying my car I found that the battery had gone flat, I phoned the garage that I had bought it from, they came to my house lent me a car and took my car back to the garage, within 5 hours the car was returned with a new battery fitted and the charging system checked, 11 months later and the care has run like clockwork. :) Not all garages are bad and not all cars are bad, just some. <_<
  24. NorthSussex

    Insurance Advice

    If you just want to do a check on comparison sites do it anonymously.
  25. NorthSussex

    Insurance Advice

    Declare all mods however minor, or in the event of a claim the insurance company may try to wriggle out of paying because a mod was not declared.