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    Its Snowing

    No snow in London, just very damp. Back at my previous home in the countryside, (Hampshire) parents said it has cleared and it looks like rain is on the way.
  2. I would say in excess of 10 to 12k per year would be high mileage.
  3. NorthSussex

    Smeary Windscreen

    My tip for cleaning glass is mix to 2 teaspoons of baby shampoo to 1 ltr of water, (it also works wonders on the house windows). I also regularly take the wiper blades off and clean them with under a running tap with an old tooth brush and neat baby shampoo, this gets rid of the bits if grit from between the grooves on the wiper blades.
  4. NorthSussex

    2009 1.8 Petrol - How Much Oil For Service?

    It's less on the petrol, and should not be overfilled.
  5. NorthSussex

    Near Miss Bad Bad Bad Me!

    Wives! You're a glutton for punishment.
  6. NorthSussex

    Near Miss Bad Bad Bad Me!

    I blame the missus every time, come to think of it, she was in the care when I ran the orange light.
  7. NorthSussex

    Near Miss Bad Bad Bad Me!

    I did a similar thing 2 months ago but it was orange on it's way to red, couldn't understand how I did not see the light so I had a look at the junction on Street View, horror! :o I saw a grey Gatso hidden in the hedge pointing at the junction, had a few nervous weeks checking the post for the NIP. Two months later now, should be in the clear. I now know how Stony felt after he had the camera pointed at him. Too much ribbing at work + all the other hassle from the insurance company.
  8. NorthSussex

    2010 Focus - New Buyer What Should I Look Out For?

    I've got a 2009 1.8 petrol titanium focus, I've had it for a year and it now has 17k on the clock; no problems at all and 38mpg. Very pleased.
  9. NorthSussex

    Rear Wheel Bearings Fous Estate 2002

    Ford dismantler? Are you fitting S/H parts?
  10. NorthSussex

    2009 1.8 Petrol - How Much Oil For Service?

    It should tell you in the car handbook.
  11. NorthSussex

    Frozen Condensation Inside Front Windscreen

    It's a good idea to use the air-con in the winter to remove any humidity in the car. Do check the mats in the car for any dampness.
  12. NorthSussex

    Warning Chime

    It could be the low outside temperature warning hovering around the 4 degree C mark, the light will only come on when the sensor gets a positive below 4 degree C signal.
  13. NorthSussex

    Mk2.5 Wiper Blade Sizes

    11" on the back if it is an estate.
  14. NorthSussex


    When you find it on the menu, you need to hold the select button on the stalk down for about 10 seconds to load it into the memory.
  15. NorthSussex

    Ford Focus Footwell Lights

    Why would you want them on when driving?
  16. NorthSussex

    Bits I Didn't Know I Had.

    Thanks for that, That's why I haven't seen the dial.
  17. NorthSussex

    Bits I Didn't Know I Had.

    I've had my focus a year now and last night for the first time I noticed the 2 orange ambient lights set in the overhead light. Do I need to go to Specsavers? <_<
  18. NorthSussex

    Bits I Didn't Know I Had.

    If there is a dial there, than that is something I have missed also, away from my car at the moment but i will have a look ASAP. The handbook is as good as you know what! ^_^
  19. NorthSussex

    Which Bike Carrier?

    Hi Stephen, this may be of interest, re. bike carrier. Luckily I can use a rear carrier on the 2009 estate as Ford didn't fit a plastic spoiler, one of the main reasons I went for the estate.
  20. NorthSussex

    Which Bike Carrier?

    Rear carriers are not recommend for cars with plastic spoilers, a tow bar or roof mount is the only safe option.
  21. NorthSussex

    Focus Space Saver Tyre

    My 2.5 2009 estate has the space saver wheel + polystyrene packing and a stiffener built into the carpet.
  22. NorthSussex

    Clive !

    <_< Yea!
  23. NorthSussex

    Clive !

    Dog handler, I bet Clive has trained the dog to post all his replies on the forum while he snoozes in a lay-by; if it's not the dog, he's under employed. :D
  24. NorthSussex

    Clive !

    That's fast track promotion. :o Congratulations. :) Does the job come with a badge? :D
  25. NorthSussex

    Mk2 Owners Book Pack

    There is a good chance that it is, but wait for any other posts.