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    Mk2 Owners Book Pack

    The same books do seem to cover a vast range of years and models, It is difficult to pick the bits out that correspond to the car you have.
  2. NorthSussex

    Police Just Stopped Me

    The speed limit is the maximum the law will allow, it doesn't mean that it is safe to always drive at that speed. An intelligent driver will always drive at a speed they feel is safe for the road conditions and not always at the maximum speed limit on that road. I would agree that the speed limits are about right at the moment, but an extra limit of 25, 35 and 45 could be introduced on some roads thus avoiding the big jump from 60 down to 30 in some areas.
  3. NorthSussex

    Police Just Stopped Me

    Better to arrive 5 minutes late than not to arrive at all. This from a reformed speeder. 2 speeding convictions in my youth, I should have learnt after the first booking. <_<
  4. NorthSussex

    Police Just Stopped Me

    Sometimes it's just your lucky day, join the reformed speeders club Jeebo; unfortunately you now have to watch out for the tail-gaters as you stick to the speed limits.
  5. NorthSussex

    Air Con Staying On

    Correction, having checked, yes you can and should be able to tun it off with the illuminated air-con button as others have said.
  6. NorthSussex

    Bits I Didn't Know I Had.

    I now know why I haven't noticed the submarine ambient lighting, They are connected to the instrument panel dimmer circuit and my dimmer was turned down. Doh. I don't need to go to Specksavers after all! That calls for another beer, cheeeers!
  7. NorthSussex

    Indicator Flash With Key Fob

    Checked mine today, No flash on first press but you can hear the locks engage, 2nd press, 2 flashes on indicators as the deadlocks engage. Same car as original post by GREGGP. (2009 1.8 petrol Focus Tit).
  8. NorthSussex

    Noise, Only When Clutch Fully Depressed?

    If it is the thrust bearing, then yes clutch out, its probably more cost efficient to replace the whole clutch at the same time depending on mileage. Not having experience of diesels, others may have different ideas as the DMF seems to have some issues. The starting problem you have doesn't sound related.
  9. NorthSussex

    3.5Mm Jack Socket Mod Mk2 Focus

    On my 2.5, Ford put the Aux socket in the glove box, but the extra 12v power socket in the centre armrest, (no 2 Foci are the same). I agree, the centre armrest is the best place for all plug in accessories, re-routing these sockets to a more sensible place makes things a lot neater and removes the risk of snapping something off. Having something poking out of the dash board is just asking for trouble.
  10. NorthSussex

    Focus Tit Mk2.5 Issues And Features Not Clear

    Welcome to the forum. :) In general, the handbook is not a lot of use, it covers too many different models and never answers your question. Trial and error, and of course the forum is the best way to go.
  11. NorthSussex

    3.5Mm Jack Socket Mod Mk2 Focus

    An alternative is to buy a 1.5 mtr 3.5mm jack plug to 3.5mm jack plug extension lead and carefully route it from the glove box aux socket to the centre console, you can route it coming out under the glove box and under various bits of trim, no leads showing, works a treat.
  12. NorthSussex

    Police Just Stopped Me

    Think again, if you weren't who you said you were they may have prevented your house being burgled, or did you just look dodgy? Show some gratitude. <_<
  13. Welcome to the forum. Fear not, there are very knowledgeable folk here keen to help.
  14. NorthSussex

    Quick Esp Question?

    It stays in the off position if you manually turn it off, then when you next start the car, it reverts automatically back to the on position.
  15. NorthSussex

    Bits I Didn't Know I Had.

    Looooks tempting, I'll have to let the head settle a bit, the brain still hurts even after 18 hours. Bother*@*@*@*@*.
  16. NorthSussex

    Faulty Aux Input

    It could be the lead you are using to connect to the Aux socket, have you tried a different connecting lead and a different input device?
  17. NorthSussex

    Air Con Staying On

    From memory, that's how it works. I don't think it's faulty. Unfortunately I am away from my car at the moment to be able to check.
  18. NorthSussex

    Bits I Didn't Know I Had.

    Thanks a bunch guys! If I could post you a beer on the Forum , I would. I'll get one out of the fridge and toast you're good health for 2013. Red? Reed? Read!, got it at last.
  19. Welcome to the Forum, and a Happy New year.
  20. NorthSussex

    Hi From Old Timer In Cambridgeshire

    Hi. Impressive motor.
  21. NorthSussex

    Bits I Didn't Know I Had.

    They are really not that impressive, I didn't notice I had them for nearly a year, but as I must have paid extra to have them I had better start appreciating them and only drive at night. What else have I paid for and not noticed? Ha, there is a spare wheel! Now that is useful, There's a new years resolution, open my eyes and take notice. My boss would go nuts if he red (whoops, to many bees beers last night) reads this, I'm meant to be observant in my job.
  22. NorthSussex

    Bits I Didn't Know I Had.

    I just thought I had info red eyes. :D
  23. NorthSussex

    Sony Single Cd Settings

    It's taken ages to get the audio sound settings how I like them on the On the Sony single CD radio fitted to the Focus Tit. If the battery is disconnect the for charging, are all the settings lost including the tone and station settings? And are any other memory's lost from the cars on board computer? For warned is For armed, and notes will need to be taken. <_<
  24. NorthSussex

    FOC Age group Poll!

    Recycled teenager, I will never grow up. :D :P . Now where did I leave the car?
  25. NorthSussex

    Dirty Focus

    After you have had the car for a while and the winter sets in, the novelty soon wears off and it only gets cleaned about once a month just to keep the other half happy.