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    Correct Way To Lock Car Whilst In Car?

    The door lock button on the 2.5 is flush on the drivers door, just above the leaver that opens the door. It's not the opening leaver as on the earlier car. It does just stop the doors being opened from the outside.
  2. NorthSussex

    Sony Single Cd Settings

    That was the plan, but there was some doubt as to whether the battery should be disconnected from the car during charging, but it looks like it depends on the type of charger, luckily the Halfords charger I have, Halfords say is OK to leave connected when charging, I don't want to have to reset the radio, window global opening ect every time the battery needs a charge when I return after a few weeks / months away.
  3. NorthSussex

    Sony Single Cd Settings

    I had a look at the Halfords web site regarding their battery charger and if it was necessary to disconnect the battery before for charging. It looks from this answer that this charger is OK to charge with the battery still connected. Questions & Answers for Halfords Fully Automatic Battery Charger Question Can the battery be charged without disconnecting it from the car? Used on a 2008 Ford Focus 1.8 petrol asked 2 months ago by Searcheron Halfords Fully Automatic Battery Charger 2 answers Answers answer 1 Hi, thanks for your interest in Halfords Fully Automatic Battery Charger. Yes, it is ok to do this as long as the charger is not inside the engine compartment. answered 1 month, 3 weeks ago by HalfordsWebTeam http://answers.halfo...5/questions.htm
  4. NorthSussex

    Headlight warning

    Yep, same on the 1.8 petrol Titanium Estate, 59 plate.
  5. NorthSussex

    Ford Focus Mk.2 Estate Boot Water Ingress

    If it has a sun roof, this can be the cause as the drain pipes get blocked and water leaks into the rear of the car. No sun roof? check the rear washer pipes and connections.
  6. NorthSussex

    Yes The Car's In Warrenty Sir, But That'll Be £900.

    You are doing all the correct things to resolve this dispute with Ford. Good luck.
  7. NorthSussex

    Difference Between Mk 2 @and Mk 2.5 Focus

    Check this post, all the different Mks are shown in the reply from Stoney.
  8. NorthSussex

    Sony Single Cd Settings

    Thanks for your post. No it doesn't need charging at the moment, but I am now working in London and my car is not with me, I may need to charge the battery depending on how long is not used for and how cold it is, I have a "Halfords Advanced fully automatic battery charger" but the general advice on the forum seems to say disconnect the battery before charging, although the charger instructions only say it's recommended for safety reasons to remove the battery from the vehicle . It just seems a bit of a pain to have to reset so many functions each time the battery is charged.
  9. NorthSussex

    Ford Clocks Loose Time?

    Brill! :D
  10. I have owned several different Ford models; on all of them the clocks have lost about 1 minute per month, my cheap watch keeps better time than that. Have I been unlucky, or is this common? <_<
  11. NorthSussex

    Differences Between Ford Focus 2008 Vs 2009?

    Top Trumps again Stoney! :)
  12. NorthSussex

    Differences Between Ford Focus 2008 Vs 2009?

    Just seen your link, if that's like yours it's a Mk 2.5 (Facelift). Very little change to the 2009 car.
  13. NorthSussex

    Differences Between Ford Focus 2008 Vs 2009?

    The Mk 2.5 (Facelift) was introduced in the later part of 2008, the body is different to the Mk2. Flat doors, no bump strip, raised bonnet line, indicator repeaters in the wing mirrors, different front grill to name just some. Some changes also inside to the cabin. Stoney should be able to post photos, he's good at that.
  14. NorthSussex

    Hello From Switzerland

    Hi from the UK. Nice car, but unsure about IKEA. :)
  15. NorthSussex

    Yes The Car's In Warrenty Sir, But That'll Be £900.

    If you are a member of the AA or RAC their legal department may be able to help. A warranty is a warranty and the part should be replaced by Ford FOC, providing the fault is not down to misuse.
  16. NorthSussex

    Which Model Best To Keep?

    Save loads of cash, sell both cars and get the wife a tandem for Christmas. :D
  17. NorthSussex

    Noise, Only When Clutch Fully Depressed?

    Clutch thrust bearing?
  18. NorthSussex

    Play Music Through Bluetooth

    It all comes down to convenience of Bluetooth to the extra quality of a direct connection to the Aux socket, if you can't hear the difference the go for Bluetooth.
  19. Welcome to the Forum. I would get rid of the Audi. Next time you see the bonnet up on the motorway 9 times out of 10 the car is from the VW group of companies. As to the Focus ST, maybe look for one with less problems, the one you are looking at does sound like it's had a hard life.
  20. NorthSussex

    Goodbye Everyone

    Shame! Better luck in the next life. :D
  21. NorthSussex

    Mk3 Ford Focus Rain Sensor (Like Or Dislike)

    It can be a problem if the screen is replaced and the sensor is not fitted back correctly, also it's not a good idea to have them activated when it's freezing, as the blades my be stuck to the windscreen. By the way, welcome to the Forum.
  22. NorthSussex

    Mk3 Ford Focus Rain Sensor (Like Or Dislike)

    Are they different on the Mk3? They are fantastic on the Mk2.5 Tit. Best thing since sliced bread.
  23. NorthSussex

    Need Definitive Answers Please

    If they are fixed on with 3M tape they need to be heated with hot water first to soften the adhesive or you will remove the top lacquer coat, best done on a hot summers day, you also need to consider if there would be a colour change as that part of the door has not been exposed to the sun for 5-6 years. You can see the effect on S/H vans that have been sign written and the company logo removed.
  24. NorthSussex

    Play Music Through Bluetooth

    The sound quality will be better if you stick to the cable connection on the Aux port, Bluetooth will degrade the audio which you may or may not notice over the engine and road noise but it is a tidier set up. <_<
  25. NorthSussex

    Chain Cam Or Belt Cam

    I think you need to check the year as well as cc and fuel to be certain.