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  1. Which Alloys?

    Try searching for "Fox 710 Alloys" very similar to the dare ones you like. Not sure if they come in different colours but the Matt grey is nice!
  2. Which Alloys?

    No they're quite dark. A lot of photos on google and even sites that sell them make them look quite light. This is quite accurate if they are in strong light:
  3. Which Alloys?

    I'm rarely not at work when it's still light outside. Sorry.
  4. Which Alloys?

  5. Which Alloys?

    If it's the dare rims you decided upon, they sell them everywhere.
  6. Which Alloys?

    Seriously I get full lock no issues and mine has been lowered. I bought it lowered already so can't be certain by how much but had to buy a low profile trolley jack to get under. They were £730 with some falken tyres, locking wheel nuts and new black nuts.
  7. Which Alloys?

    No went straight on with no problems. I will take some more pics tomorrow and get them posted. I only fitted them a week ago so don't have many pics.
  8. Which Alloys?

    I have those fox on my focus I was torn between the these and the dare. Te dare look nicer off the car but I prefer the fox on.
  9. What Have You Bought Your Ford For Christmas

    Magnetec is good but a lot more expensive and I have seen no difference between the two.
  10. What Have You Bought Your Ford For Christmas

    I use ford formula f and have done on my last couple of fords with no issues. Good value http://bit.ly/1h1t4BC
  11. Remove Front Bumper

    I upgraded from the Zetec S bumper. My original fogs and bezels fitted okay but you do need to buy some different fog brackets for the st bumper. It clips onto the bumper and the fogs attach to the brackets the same way they attach to the old bracket with 2 screws. If you need the fog bracket finis codes I can dig them out.
  12. Remove Front Bumper

    Ok so I have let the side down here. I was very rushed trying to get this done so didn't really get chance to construct a guide. I was doing this in heavy rain. I will be removing the bumper again to modify the lower grill when we have some better weather so will do one then. All I will say is that it was very easy to to. I removed the headlights (guides available but literally one screw each and a couple of clips and wires of course) and then the upper grille using TDCIST guide. For the bumper, I started by taking out the 2 screws in the wheel arch lining which were connected to the front bumper. (Hex screws). I did both sides of the car and then went back to undo 2 (10mm I think , if not 8mm) bolts which were holding the bumper to the wing. There are also a could of plastic clips I between these bolts to pop through. Once this was done I undid the screws holding the undertray to the bottom of the bumper (3 I think) and after that it was just a case of undoing a number of clips across the top of the bumper/upper grille area. Don't forget to reach down and unwire your fogs! If you go easy and pull gently you can get a feel of where it is fastened. I am no professional and did this with no guide in less than 30 minutes. I had a friend to help hold the other end of the bumper.. Good luck (not that you'll need it).
  13. Lights

    Would they work with these? http://bit.ly/12uHZZG
  14. Lights

    Let me get this right as I have also been contemplating HIDS. I would need to purchase the HID kit like the one in the above eBay link and also purchase a set of projector headlight clusters? Are they easy to fit? (The HIDS themselves, the cluster is an easy job I know).