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  1. Hi,,mintalkin.. the pics show mk3 mine is a mk4 are they both the same and do i need both as its only my temp guage stoping ...cheers for your help..John
  2. just phoned my local spares shop and they have just quoted me £120 for a thermastat is this right or has he told me the wrong price...John
  3. mintalkin thanks for your reply..... looks like a trip to local parts shop...cheers for your help
  4. /cheers pete..my dial needle takes ages to move then it goes back. if i go on a long run like i just did the needle stays at cold but then it moves up but then goes bck to cold if that makes sence to you...John
  5. Hi everyone i have a 57 plate mondeo ghia 2 ltr tdci temp gauge sticking ..anyone had this problem...cheers,, John
  6. Abs ..esp Light Staying On

    m4 2l tdci ghia
  7. Abs ..esp Light Staying On

    i dont know anything about cars..i have to relay messages to a mate ..what ring n shaft thanks
  8. Abs ..esp Light Staying On

    update for you all.. fitted the new sensor ..when ignition is switched on the abs/esp go out after say 5 seconds but as soon as you drive off they come back on...look like a ford jobby ,,,John
  9. Hi can somone help me plz..i want to buy one of these fault readers ..I have a abs/esp light on my dash i phoned for and they wanted £120 to put it on there machine and tell me what the problem was a mate who works at a garage done it for me scannesd and told me the front drivers abs sensor needed replacing ..its now been replaced but the dash light is still on i have been told it has to be switched of VIA the machine so i thought i;ll buy my own ...theres so may out the some do abs lots dont can anyone help me choose the one i need,,,thanks
  10. Abs ..esp Light Staying On

    anyone recomend a fault reader that does abs/esp plz...John
  11. Abs ..esp Light Staying On

    hello again..right i got my sensor and fitted it but the light on my dash are still on ..will i have to have them cleared with a fault reader or should they have gone off when new sensor was fitted,,,thanks ,jOHN
  12. Abs ..esp Light Staying On

    Hi again ..can someone help ..i went to my local ford dealer and told them i wanted a abs/esp sensor front drivers side he told me £29 so i ordered it /went to pick up this morning and the (tw*t ) ordred me a wiring loom for the sensor ..then he said i will order the sensor now its a whoping £91 anyone know a part number... thanks
  13. Abs ..esp Light Staying On

    ok thanks for that
  14. Abs ..esp Light Staying On

    Just want to say thanks to you all for your help..My drivers side front sensor has gone so ordered one from ford £29 bit of confusion if this will sort out the esp aswell as abs aswell ...John
  15. Abs ..esp Light Staying On

    thanks for your reply..i dont know anything about car bits...but a mate at the bottom of the road has took all the sensor plugs of and cleaned them front and raer ..thats all i know...John