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  1. Losing Water But No Visible Sign Of A Leak!

    not sure on your model but on my focus i had this and it turned out to be the thermostat housing unit when not under pressure it was !Removed! out ! a clean and a re-seal sorted it new gasket seal also... worth a look!
  2. Police Just Stopped Me

    i havn't locked my car for the 2yr ive had it, seriously they dont rob your wheels round here. they just ken your pad when ya in bed an take ya car with keys. Horrible fella
  3. Police Just Stopped Me

    haha i dont even have any on mine so there
  4. Police Just Stopped Me

    probably just checking you out! at least their patroling, i hate the plod mate, their nowhere to be seen by mine,
  5. Cleaning The Car In The Rain

    and i thought i was the only loon to do this haha
  6. The Amazing Focus!

    lovely motor great colour
  7. Coolant Leak

    i had the same thing with mine, it is a plastic type housing i replaced the thermostat today but got supplied one which had some type of ball bearing on, wrong thermostat bcoz gasket was wrong (2hole) took this off and bunged it in, new coolant no leaks so far but be carefull with bolts dont overtighten
  8. Hi all new to these forums, i own a 2004 ford focus ghia estate in white, and yes its got problems haha :)
  9. http://t.co/vhdLeStU kenny is gonna do the biz an sort it out #tellithowitis #ynwa