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  1. Issues With 1.6 Tdci

    i have drove one of these as a courtesy car and i did notice the lag some times full throttle launches seemed to do the job but i would not do it in my own car.
  2. I Have.....

    Could someone give me a link to the sale page as im not 100% sure :s
  3. I Have.....

    i cant post in the sale section on this account, only reason i was using the facebook thing i couldnt remember my password so done a reset and i still cant :s
  4. I Have.....

    So i meet everything stated in your rules with my account over 20 posts and member more then a month?
  5. I Have.....

  6. Registration Lights

    all you will need is a flat head they pot out bulb out led bulb in and your away and they look the dogs ......... lol
  7. New Member - Possibly Purchasing A New Fiesta

    my 1.4 petrol gets 280 miles to a full tank costing around 45 to £50 to fill do not get a petrol!
  8. 0 To 60

    not sure how to work the video thing any help?
  9. 0 To 60

    cant seem to work it
  10. Fiesta Mk7 1.4 Tdci Mpg Figures?

    i had one of these cars as a courtesy car and i put £6 of fuel in it and went from plymouth to callington then callington to plymouth and abit of town driving and then plymouth to callington and then got a call saying my car was fixed then drove it back to plymouth again all on the £6 i put it. so that £6 of fuel got me about 67 miles maybe 70miles and i drove it like i stole it every where also. so id say they are very good on fuel :)
  11. mine also does this but only when i lower the volume on the ipod if i had the volume up full on the ipod it works fine
  12. Fuel Computer In My Car

    dakota raceway there was a drag and drift event and i had a whip down the air strip. fastest i have been on the a38 is 80mph tops only for over taking tho
  13. Fuel Computer In My Car

    ill try keeping it under 3k i do try keeping to 65 to 70mph on the a30 and a38 im going to h waymouth in a few weeks so ill see how it goes going up there. but fords specs are not true my mpg is out the top end they said 105mph who tested that? iv had 125mph if you had room it would of done more
  14. Potentially Buying A New Fiesta

    DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT BUY THE 1.4 i have so much hate for this engine its unreal i have the 1.4 2009 titanium its rubbish on fuel its a joke your better off with the 1.6 for sure
  15. Fuel Computer In My Car

    i change gear at around 3 or 4k as my self i feel the car needs it, if i change gear at 2.5k in each gear it takes me for everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to even get to 60mph and iv just worked out using a mpg calculator im getting 35mpg. i wished i looked into this engine more as its pants and so underpowered i had a 1.2 single cam 8v 2010 fiat 500 before this and that held speed better up hills then this thing!