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  1. just got car back from the garage and the gearbox is leaking, new seal required apparently been quoted 127.93. and radiator is weeping. been quoted 180 to fix. is this about right for labour etc as seems a little high? 50 ph car has done 165k 06 1.6 petrol so suppose i'm due a few faults now... :(
  2. Catalytic Convertor Facelift Fit Mk2?

    garage mentioned it might be worth getting full service done ie spark plug change etc and see if the light comes back on after that ????
  3. Catalytic Convertor Facelift Fit Mk2?

    hi sent through the reg numbers on PM thanks
  4. Catalytic Convertor Facelift Fit Mk2?

    ive got a code p0420 code on my dash its been cleared but contunes to come on.
  5. My catalytic convertor has just failed on my 1.6 petrol 2006 Would a catalytic convertor from a 1.6 petrol 2008 facelift fit? the code on the 2008 model is 7m515f297ea t2a1a
  6. Ford Focus Mk2 1.6 P0420 Code

    ok take a look pluged the fault code reader in and the secondary 02 sensor voltage is moving up and down and is not stable. the first is moving up and down also. freeze frame data says short term fuel trim is 0.78 on bank 1 and long term fuel trim on bank 2 0,78
  7. Ford Focus Mk2 1.6 P0420 Code

    Hi yeah cleared the code but it had returned. Where would I find the Pcv pipe? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  8. Ford Focus 1.6 MK2 06 155k Miles My cars Engine light has just lit up and im getting a P0420 code Cat threshold error when i have plugged my reader in. the light came on a year or so ago but then cleared itself after a few weeks what do i need to check on the 02 sensors, the voltage ? how much am i looking at for a new Cat assuming it needs replacing? On a side issue when my car is idle seems to shudder, pulse eg when sat at lights etc like its going to stall but doesnt which i can feel through the car.
  9. Was driving round today looked down and noticed my temp gauge was on red.its done this once before.car drives normal and doesnt seem to be overheating.has just had mot and service. did a guage test and the temp guage needle didnt go back to normal postion when they spin to the left if that nakes sense. what could be causing this?? 2006 focus 1.6 petrol
  10. Car Wont Start- Machine Gun Noise

    bought new batter ccs 360 assume this is right one and replaced.working now. 12.5 voltage.
  11. hi Tried to start my car this morning just get a series of rapid clicks. i have charged the batterye for around 2 hours but no difference. I have checked the battery voltage theorugh the instrument cluster and it says 11.5v Will i need to buy a new battery????
  12. Cant Open Bonnet.help!!!

    many thanks.all sorted now.
  13. Cant Open Bonnet.help!!!

    yeah i put the key and and it just makes a grinding noise like its going to bit then doesnt.anyway to remove the lock? i have a brand new assembly kit to go on,,,
  14. Cant Open Bonnet.help!!!

    cheers ive tried pushing the white plastic ring in but it doesnt seem to 'click' back in.....nothing seems to happen..ive given it a firm bash with a screwdriver but not working.
  15. Cant Open Bonnet.help!!!

    ive got the so 'common' problem with my focus. bonnet lock seems to be damaged. i have removed the grill and have tried all sorts to try and get the bonnet open. where are the 2 x 10mm which i need to remove to get the bonnet open??? ive tried to 'click the white cyclinder back in but no joy.as you can see the outer part of the cylinder has broken off in me doing this. thanks