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  1. 2005 Ford Focus Power Drain

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Gives me some other things to have a look at :) Removing the relay may be the first option, can anyone point in the right direction as to where it is/looks like? Also it maybe worth noting that it doesn't necessarily require charging everyday, can last a few on its own but I don't want to take any chances Cheers Chris
  2. 2005 Ford Focus Power Drain

    Thanks for the reply steads. Already checked that, sorry. Also wire-brushed and checked the earth straps. It's a real mystery. Cheers Chris
  3. Hello Everyone, Have a problem with my Focus in that I near enough have to charge it every night so that I can ensure it starts again in the morning. The model is a 2005 Ford Focus 2.0TDCI Ghia. I've taken it to the garage a few times now and they have ran a diagnostic test on it which didn't find anything. I've also had 2 new batteries (one renewed under warranty just in case I had 2 duff ones on the trot) and it's had a new alternator of which both haven't solved the problem. It's a real pain as you can imagine and a real shame as it's a cracking car otherwise. Would really appreciate if anyone had any other ideas/solutions or knows of anyone else with the issue? Cheers Chris