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  1. Hi folks, I'm hopefully about to join the world of Focus drivers but before I do so, I'd appreciate a little help If I may. I might be doing up to 80 miles a day (mostly motorways and A roads) so have narrowed it down to either the 1.8 CDTi or the 2.0 CDTi. Ideally around 2008, price permitting. Most likely a Zetec, if it matters. I've had a brief test drive of a 58 plate 2.0 CDTi and enjoyed it but could do with comparing it to the 1.8 variant. a) What is the realistic MPG for each? On paper the 1.8 beats the 2.0 a little as you might expect but would like to know what it's like in reality. b) Oomph. As I was being a little sneaky and terrorising the staff at carcraft (or they were terrorising me, I'm not entirely sure) I couldn't properly put my foot down to give it a decent test. From what I could tell, it definitely had something there. How does this compare with the 1.8? The reason I ruled the 1.6 out was because of it apparently being underpowered. c) Are there any other notable differences between the two? d) What's the reliability like? Any issues I should be aware of? I don't think either option would be a bad one and I'd like to go for more power if it isn't too costly. I guess I'd just prefer to do my research now before finding out the hard way! Thanks for your help, Liam