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  1. Third Year Service And Bad News

    Unplug the switch. If the problem goes away I'd have thought it was the switch.
  2. Frond Door Window Cracked

    Understood, at least you got it sorted :)
  3. Frond Door Window Cracked

    Can't you claim off your windscreen cover, most companies see side windows as the same cover as windscreens.
  4. Fan Kicking It Alot

    Of topic slightly, but does anyone else find it annoying that the AC automatically comes on when you turn the vent direction dial to windscreen?
  5. Sunroof In A Fiesta

    Pity. I'd have one, not for £1800 though
  6. Sunroof In A Fiesta

    This video shows one. I didn't think they were an option?
  7. Zetec S Silver Or Grey

    Got to grey Mate
  8. Back Box

    How about going aftermarket, get something that sounds nice. maybe a Milltek?
  9. Brand New Fiesta Edge Tdci Brake Problems

    My Wife's Fiesta had a very low brake pedel. It had only covered 7k. So I took the rear drums off and found the shoes had lot of adjustment to go. I adjusted them manually and things are 100% better.
  10. A Wee Treat For My Fezza

    Well a wrap is removeable and you won't get the carbon look with paint. Up to you though Mate.
  11. A Wee Treat For My Fezza

    I think it will look much classier Boydo
  12. A Wee Treat For My Fezza

    Not saying tha tBoydo, just not my Cuppa, now a carbon wrapped roof on your red motor would look
  13. A Wee Treat For My Fezza

    Don't do it Mate
  14. Contemplating A Fiesta

    Yes- and have you heard them running, sound pants
  15. Small Details

    Yes have footwell lights. Bit worried about painting hard use items such as handles ?