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  1. With songs like Sugar Pie, honey bunch, The Temptations had poor dental hygiene.

  2. Just been watching Funkadelic. Is this really what we'll be wearing in the future?

  3. Statistically, it is now easier to become famous and go on as a guest than to obtain tickets for Top Gear.

  4. I inherited a timber yard. Now look what I've been lumbered with

  5. Oh, in case you didn't know, !Removed!' snowing, or as Daily Mail calls it, Chaos. #uksnow

  6. Cosmologists are unable to account for 60% of the doesn't matter of the universe.

  7. During the election, someone asked which way i was voting. I said in the normal way: putting a tick on the ballot form.

  8. What time did the oriental racial stereotype go to the dentist?

  9. What size bed does the Queen sleep in?

  10. 62 years later, the soundtrack. Wow!http://t.co/ny9pfXIZ

  11. Vulcanized rubber is made by Mr Spock's kinky friends.

  12. Torx screws were invented by Peter Tork of the Monkees

  13. Top tip. A sharpened carrot, or one cut Julienne makes an ideal iphone stylus.

  14. I have Zomb - E - mail. Mark as undead.

  15. The Leopard in Chessington zoo is profoundly Def.