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  1. Mk 3 Interior In Mk2

    its a bit of a long shot but i much prefer the mk3 interior and was wondering if anyone has ever done the conversion or know anyone that has? I was just wondering if its quites straight forward or will i end up regretting it once i rip out the old one and the mk 3 doesnt even fit. any thoughts appreciated
  2. Ranger Remote Fob

    ok this is something i had huge problems with, it was a very well kept secret. Anyway, now being good friends with a mechanic at mazda i now know and i want everyone who had the same problem as me (and doesnt want to fork out silly money) find this so here goes: get in your truck leave the drivers door open key in the ignition, switch to on for a second and then on too off 3 times, finishing in the off position press the drivers door light button 3 times (little black button near the bottom of the door pillar) the doors will lock and the unlock, your now in programming mode, press lock button on the keyfob, the doors should lock then unlock twice hey presto your keyfob is programmed! so ridiculous aye! bearing in mind this was on my 2005 ford ranger and im not sure if it works on all years but try it anyways and if it does let everyone know!