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  1. New Fiesta 1.25 Zetec Transmission Whine

    Hi DONFRAMAC Many thanks for the info. I did wonder if the noise would subside with a few miles on the clock. Ours has 1250 miles now and is no better than when it was new, so far. I know a lot of people don't do this these days with modern cars but I keep the revs down and accelerator pedal travel less than 3/4 travel for whatever mileage the book says. Here's hoping that the noise will reduce/disappear as I it continues to loosen and open up the engine a bit over the coming weeks. The engine is still extremely tight; our other car (2.0d engine) was tight for the first 10k; my Dad's Volvo was tight for the first 50k! Let's hope we're somewhere beneath both! I'm encouraged that your experience was that the noise reduced with time and mileage. Thanks
  2. New Fiesta 1.25 Zetec Transmission Whine

    Thanks for the update 60+ (yes, I got your PM; thanks and sorry for a slow response - PM sent back). It does sound like we have slightly different issues as you don't seem to be getting the noise in 1st (and 2nd) whether the clutch is depressed or not. Michelle - did that KA you had make the noise when the car was moving or just when idling? I must get ours to the dealer; I've just been so busy lately. Rest of the car is great though! Many thanks.
  3. Rear wiper and heated rear window

    Hi Michelle Thanks for persisting and testing out my theory (I must be sad and boring too as I sat there for ages trying to understand how it was working, lol!) I have to say that apart from the gearbox whine (see my other recent thread), I'm thrilled with the little Fiesta. It does some really clever stuff that our other car just doesn't do!
  4. New Fiesta 1.25 Zetec Transmission Whine

    I've spoken to a couple of dealers and the impression I get is that whining while idling is something they've seen before. But this issue is a new one to them. I've done some more "testing" and concluded the following. There is definitely a whine from the gearbox/clutch when the car is stationary, no gear is selected and the engine is idling. This disappears when the clutch is depressed. If you let the clutch back out and rev the engine (no gear selected) the whine doesn't change in pitch and volume corresponding to the amount of revs applied. Then, if you select 1st gear and rev the engine slightly there's a whine which does correspond in volume and pitch to the amount of revs applied. If you then drive off in 1st and have to slow down back to a halt in 1st gear (depressing the clutch just before you stop), there's a whine until the car physically stops moving. Again, pitch and volume is consistent with engine revs although the noise is louder than when the engine is idling. If you get into 2nd and allow the car to stop in 2nd (clutch depressed again just at the last minute), it's the same. If you depress the clutch while moving and leave a gear selected, the noise remains. If you drop the gearbox into neutral and have clutch in or out while the car is moving the whine disappears straight away. So when the engine is idling, car is stationary, no gear is selected and the clutch is out, there's a whine. When moving, a forward gear is selected, the clutch is in or out, there's a whine. When moving, the gearbox is in neutral, there's no whine. It's appears to have something to do with forward motion of the car. Sorry this is so detailed but it might help others to see if they have exactly the same behaviour. I just checked the report test website 60+ referred to and there are more entries for clutch/gearbox noise on new cars. Many thanks
  5. Rear wiper and heated rear window

    Hi there Did you notice this on a cold morning? Below 5C? I think the way it might work is that when the outside temperature gauge reads below 5C (the temp at which you get the amber light on the dash), the rear screen is automatically activated for a short period. I thought it was the result of putting the quick clear windscreen on but the following day the rear screen came on automatically without quick clear being on. I don't think I was using the rear wiper at the time but I can't be sure. The next morning after that, the rear screen was still misted up and I had to press the button manually in the end. Pretty sure I was using the rear wiper as it kept misting up on the outside and I couldn't understand why the screen wasn't clearing like the day before. That's when I checked the temp gauge and it was over 5C. I'll check to see if it's related to the wiper action if it's cold again tomorrow. Thanks
  6. New Fiesta 1.25 Zetec Transmission Whine

    Sorry, forgot to say thanks for the replies everyone!! :)
  7. New Fiesta 1.25 Zetec Transmission Whine

    Hi all Sorry for a slow reply; been on holiday and (sadly) left the Fiesta at home. To answer gaz6076's question, yes, the forward gears sound exactly like reverse; that's a really good description! Our car has 825 miles on it and has been making the noise since new. I did wonder if it would lessen with more miles but it certainly hasn't yet. 60+ has the same issue; where do we go from here? Do we think it's restricted to the 1.25 engine?
  8. Hi everyone We have a New Shape 2008 Fiesta 1.25 Zetec (manual). Delighted with it except for ...... When crawling in traffic and stopping and starting using 1st gear there is a very obvious "whirring" noise from the transmission. The noise is speed dependent and gets faster/higher in pitch with increasing speed. It's not the clutch, as engaging/disengaging this makes no difference; the noise is always present while a gear is selected i.e. not in neutral. Popping the gear selector into neutral makes the noise go away (even if the car is moving), as does bringing the car to a complete standstill with a gear still selected. The symptoms are also exhibited in 2nd gear. I can't tell if it's the same in higher gears as wind and road noise take over. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? It sounds gearbox related to me? Many thanks
  9. Hi everyone We have a 2009 Fiesta with Bluetooth and USB. I have managed to pair a number of different phones and all copy the phonebook automatically and send and receive calls fine when the audio system is "on". Here's my question: my girlfriend was driving and I called her but she said she never heard the phone ring through the car. She had the audio system off. I've since discovered the radio system needs to be "on" for the blue bluetooth light to be lit and for calls to be made and received using the car's bluetooth. Is this how the system is designed to work? Our other car has bluetooth (non-Ford) and the phone pairs with the car on starting the engine and the radio doesn't need to be on to make and receive calls using the car's bluetooth. Maybe the answer is in the manual but I haven't read it yet!! Help appreciated! Thanks
  10. Usb connection new fiesta

    Hi everyone; first post on the forum. Back to Knighton's original question: ".. when using a usb stick is there any limitation in size of stick and file types while using this"? I have a 16Gb Sandisk Cruzer USB stick and would like advice on the format of files (and folder structure) I need to upload. Can anyone help? Many thanks